This is a play I wrote and directed for my school, it's basically a modern take on the classic Peter Pan tale although this story begins when Wendy is telling the story about mothers (which originally comes later in the book). I hope you enjoy!


1. Scene 1: Wendy’s story and The Big Argument


Peter Pan is seated on a chair in the front corner of the stage. The children are seated around the stage; the only sound is the T.V in the background. Wendy suddenly bustles in holding shopping bags. The children all spring up and run towards her, and start babbling excitedly. Then there is a clap, and the whole cast freeze frame. The two J.M. Barrie’s walk onto the stage on separate sides.


J. M. Barrie 1: It is sure to be known, that all children grow up. It is a way of nature, something we can’t hide from, something we all have to face one day. Though some say, that there is one child who never grows up: that is Peter Pan.


J.M. Barrie 2: But Peter Pan is a story, a tale, and a cruel way for grown-ups to keep children entertained. It is not real.


J.M. Barrie 1: But this tale of Peter Pan is not like any other. It could happen to any of us, or anyone we know. And that is the best type of story.


J.M. Barrie 2: But enough with the talking. Let us begin with the introductions. Behind us, we have a family. A loving mother, a doting father and their seven adorable children.


J.M. Barrie 1: But this happy scene is not what it looks like. We have a young girl here, barely thirteen years old, her two brothers and five poor orphaned children they have evidently taken in.


J.M. Barrie 2: But there is also a boy, who nobody really knows who he is. But his name is Peter, so we shall just have to go with that for a while.


J.M. Barrie 1: The girl’s family has been torn apart in an instant. (Clicks) Mr. and Mrs. Darling and the three children act out their role play at the side of the stage.


Their Father was a drunk, and left his wife and their three children in their big house with no money.


J.M. Barrie 2: So the Mother had no choice but to sell their house, and leave her children in it. These poor souls didn’t know what to do, so here they are, living in their house fearing that one day, some men in black suits will take it away from them.


J.M. Barrie 1: And the five little orphaned boys soon found this girl and her brothers, and took up residence with their permission.


J.M. Barrie 2: So that is the introductions over. Let’s continue with our story. It was a bleak November evening, and Wendy had just come home from scavenging for food in the filled bins of London. Both J.M. Barrie’s clap, and the children start babbling again.



Wendy: All right, all right lay off! I haven’t been gone long.


Twin 1: Long! You’ve been gone…


Twin 2: Ages! Simply ages, Wendy!


Wendy: Well I’m back now. That’s the main thing.


         The children resume to their original positions. Wendy starts unloading shopping bags


Wendy: Oi! Tootles! Finished your homework?


Tootles: Nearly, Wendy.


Wendy: And what about you, Slightly?


Slightly: What about what, Wendy?


Wendy: Have you done your homework?


Curly: Yeah, yeah, keep your hair on.


Wendy: Good. Finishes unloading bags. She is just taking out the last tin when Michael sneaks in next to her.


Michael: Got any good grub?


Wendy: (Jumps in surprise) Gosh Michael, scared the heck out of me there.


Michael: But have you?


Wendy looks in bag, and pulls out an apple


Michael: An… Apple?


Nibs: (Snatches apple)  I’ll have that!


Boys start chasing each other around the room. They throw over the chair John is leaning against, snatch Tootles’ book, trips over Nibs and all the boys start chasing each other and fighting.


Wendy: Boys! Boys! Calm down! Someone will hear you!


Boys continue fighting and chasing each other. Then Peter stands up.


Peter: STOP!


Freeze frame of whole cast, in their fighting poses. Peter walks to the front of the stage.


Peter: When someone’s got a secret

a secret they can’t tell,

It’s hard to keep it quiet

to save loved ones from hell.

But someone’s out to get me

to snatch this precious thing,

And it isn’t just some money

Or a useless piece of bling.

See when I lived in Neverland

I had a special gift,

I could fly and zoom and soar in the clouds

Whenever I did wish.

But I used this special powder

To get me right up high,

And now this gang is out to find it

I do not tell a lie.

Only I know the destination,

One that I can’t tell.

Cause it’s guarded by an angel,

A precious little girl.

So to keep Melody out of harm,

I’ve come to stay with Wendy.

Only time will speak the truth

At least she’s awfully friendly!


Peter clicks his fingers, and the uproar continues. He sits back down in his chair. Wendy goes and breaks Michael and Nibs up.


Wendy: Boys! Stop it! Can’t you just behave yourselves just once PLEASE?


Michael: It was his fault!


Nibs: No it wasn’t you…


           Boys start fighting again in front of Wendy.


Wendy: Stop it! Break it up NOW!


The twins sneak up next to Wendy and take Nibs and Michael.


Twin 1: I know a way you can help us behave better, Wendy.


Wendy: No, Walter, I am afraid that is impossible.


Twin 2: But it always works, Wendy!


Children: Always!


Wendy: Ok…What is this special idea?


Twin 1: You tell us…


Twin 2: A little…


Twin 1: Story?


All the children get down on their knees and start begging Wendy. She gives in finally and takes Michael’s hand.


Wendy: Oh go on then! I could do with a story tonight.


Wendy walks over to the chair in center stage and sits down with all the children around her.


Wendy: Now there was once a nice gentleman…


Curly: Why can’t he be a lady?


Tootles: Yes, I’d rather he had been a lady.


Nibs: I wish he’d been a white rat!


Wendy: Oh be quiet! Yes, there was a lady as well and…


Twin 1: O Wendy, you mean that there is…


Twin 2: A lady also, don’t you? She isn’t…


Twin 1: Dead, is she?


Wendy: Um… No, Walter, she isn’t.


Slightly: I’m glad she isn’t dead. It wouldn’t be a very good story if she was dead, would it?


Nibs: I am glad she isn’t dead. Are you glad, John?


John: Of course I am.


Nibs: Are you glad, Curly?


Curly: Rather.


Nibs: Are you glad, twins?


Twin 1 + 2: Yes, we are very glad.


Wendy: (she puts her head in her hands.) Oh dear.


Peter: Could you noisy lot be a bit quieter in there, please?


Children: Yes, Peter.


Michael: Can we just PLEASE get on with the story now, Wendy?


Wendy: Yes, Michael, we can. Now, the gentleman’s name was Mr. Darling, and her name was Mrs. Darling.


John: I knew them!


Michael: I think… I knew them…


Wendy: Yes, Michael, of course you did. They were your parents, our Mum and Dad.


John: And mine too!


Wendy: Of course, John. Anyway, they were married, and when they were married what do you think they had?


Nibs: (Jumping up) White rats!


Children pull him back down.


Wendy: No.


Tootles: This story is confusing me!


Wendy: Quiet, Tootles. They had three descendants.


Children: Oooooh!


Slightly: What is a descendant?


Wendy: Well, you are one, Slightly.


Slightly: Did you hear that, John? I am a descendant!


John: Descendants are only children, Slightly.


Wendy: Oh dear, oh dear. Anyway, they had three descendants…


Michael: (Stands up and walks to the front of the stage) And then Daddy started drinking lots and lots. Daddy shouted at Mummy, and at his descendants too. Then Daddy ran away with ALL the money. Then Mummy sold their house but left her descendants there in the middle of the night.


John: (Joining Michael at the front of the stage, holds his hand) And one day, one day the House-Sellers will find them. They will find them, and kick them out of their own home.


Wendy: (Joins John and Michael) But their Mum will come back for them, John. They will, come back!


Nibs: Then where do we fit in?


Wendy: (resumes to original position) Then five delightful loving orphaned boys came knocking, and the girl named Wendy realized that she could look after these little boys.


Curly: I thought they did. I don’t know how it is, but I just thought they did!


Tootles: Oh Wendy, was one of the orphaned boys named Tootles?


Wendy: Yes, he was.


Tootles: I am in a story. Hah, Nibs, I am in a story.


Wendy: Be quiet! Now, I want you to think about the poor Mummy of those children who she left. How sad and lonely and poor she must be.


Children: Aaaaah!


John: Think where she is now, all cold and alone.


Twin 1: This is such a sad story, Wendy. I don’t see how…


Twin 2: It can ever have a happy ending. Can you Slightly?


Slightly: I’m trying. I’m really trying, but I just can’t.


Curly: (Hugging Wendy’s knee) I’m getting scared.


Wendy: But Curly, if you knew how great is a Mummy’s love, you would not need to be scared.


Tootles: I love a Mummy’s love.


Nibs: I love a Mummy’s love too.


Wendy: See? So the girl named Wendy looked after all the children and knew that one-day, because a Mummy’s love is so great, that she would come back to her children, because she couldn’t be without them.


John: But our Mother hasn’t been back for weeks and weeks, Wendy. How do we know she will come?


Wendy: And that is what we need to do, John.


Michael: What Wendy? What?


Wendy: We must go out and search for our Mummy.


Lost children: But what shall we do?


Wendy: Come with us! I….


Peter leans forward in his chair and groans.


Wendy: What is it, Peter? She runs over to where Peter is sitting and puts her hand on his forehead.

What, where does it hurt, I can make the pain better for you!  

Peter: It isn’t that type of pain.


Wendy: Then what kind is it?


Peter: Wendy, you are wrong about Mum’s.


Children: They gasp, and then gather around Peter in a semicircle with their backs turned. Young Peter Pan, Peter’s Mother and Peter’s Father act out their scene on the side of the stage.


Long ago, when I had a Mother, I thought like you, that she would always love me and hold me dear; and that when I ever left her that she would wait for me.


Michael: And did she?


Peter: No.


Young Peter drops and children in semi circle drop to the floor. Peter’s Mother walks slowly off stage, and then walks back on with another boy.


When I came back, the door was bolted six times, the windows were barred and there was another little boy sleeping in my bed.


Nibs: But Wendy, Mums aren’t really like that, are they?


Wendy: No of course…


Curly: No, you don’t need to worry Nibs; MY Mother has always loved me and always will.


Slightly: But Curly, you don’t have a Mum.


Nibs: Yeah, you don’t have a Mum.


Lost children (except from Curly) : Yeah, we all don’t have Mums!


John: Why don’t any of you have Mothers?


Tootles: Because we’re the lost boys, when we were out in town our Mums lost us, so we came here with you instead.


Michael: Then why aren’t there any lost girls?


Slightly: ‘Cause girls are too clever to be lost, everybody knows that!


Twin 1: But is this true…


Twin 2: About Mothers? Is it…


Twin 1 + 2: Really?


Peter: Well I wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t true, would I?


Curly: But I don’t…believe it…


Peter: Well don’t believe it if you don’t want to, but I know it is true.


Slightly: But…


Peter: (Walking towards crowd of lost children) You are just silly stupid senseless little boys, who know nothing of the world and never will!


Wendy: Peter!


Peter: And even their own Mothers can’t stick them! Away with you!


Lost children run and crouch in corner. John and Michael go to the corner of the stage and sit side by side on the floor.


Wendy: Peter, I don’t believe you just said that!


Peter: Well, it’s true. All of it, an’ all.


Wendy: But you can’t just say things like that to them! Think about if you got lost by your Mother…


Peter: But I don’t! I don’t have one!


Wendy: That’s stupid, you must have…


Peter: I must have quiet. I can’t deal with you right now you’re doing my head in. I wish you’d just…Just go away! Turns away and folds his arms.


Wendy: Fine. I will. At least I have a Mother who loves me, who cares. You’re Mum wouldn’t care if you were alive or dead! Come on John, Michael, Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, Curly, Walter and Wilbur. We’re going to find Mum.


John: But will she want us back?


Wendy: Yes. Of course. She made a mistake, leaving us in here back then.


Michael: She’s probably looking for us right now!


Wendy: Exactly. Come on then, grab your stuff, and let’s go.


     Nibs is standing next to Peter, holding out his arm.


Wendy: Nibs, leave him be.

Nibs places a hand on Peter’s shoulder, but Peter shrugs it off.


Nibs: Bye Peter. Exits stage.


Peter: Bye Nibs.


John: So long, Peter. Exits Stage.


Peter: So long, John.


Michael: Seeya, Peter. Exits Stage.


Peter: Seeya, Michael.


Tootles: Cheerio, Peter. Exits Stage.


Peter: Cheerio, Tootles.


Slightly: Ta Ta, Peter. Exits Stage.


Peter: Ta Ta, Slightly.


Curly: Talk to you later, Peter. Exits Stage.


Peter: Talk to you later, Curly.


Twin 1 + 2: We’ll miss you, Peter. Exit stage.


Peter: I’ll miss you, Twins.


Wendy: Goodbye, Peter. Walks away slowly, until off stage.


Peter: Goodbye, Wendy. I will… I will miss you, Wendy.


Peter goes over to center stage, sits down on the floor and starts sobbing. Then when he is done he grabs a blanket and goes to sleep. Then everyone backstage screams.


Wendy: Peter!


Peter doesn’t reply, he is asleep.



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