Pineal Discharge

Short stories. Unrelated scenes of violence and bizarre vignettes.
Some(most) of these stories contain graphic violence,sexual content and drug use. Also , lots of fucking language and shit. So yeah , viewer discretion is advised? Not for children. Unless you're one of THOSE children.
Yeah , you know who you are.



7. Tumor Lizard

An old man dies two weeks after breaking his left hip. His body's on the autopsy table. Nothing's out of the ordinary. Except for a strange scar that runs along the back of his head. Even when they dig deeper , they find a strange line on the back of his skull. It runs along the same length as the scar. The man lived in an old apartment complex in Richmond , Virginia.  A month later a lady from the same building dies in her bathtub. Slit wrists. The autopsy reveals the same thing. A weird scar.  I read this in a local newspaper. I showed it to my friend. She says we should check it out. I ask why. "For fun" , she says. She has kind of a weird fetish for these things. Strange happenings , UFO's , haunted houses , etc... We go to that apartment. "It was built in the sixties" , she says. My friend , she's got a folder under her arm. Illegally obtained documents about the building no doubt. We enter the building and the earthy stink of mold hits our nostrils like the kiss at the end of a wet fist. It's a violent smell. Like a thousand mold spores became sentient and destroyed all of mankind. A just end for such evil creatures. We're outside the man's apartment. We knock. No answer. We try the door. It's open. It opens with a creak , and we step inside. It's abandoned. No furniture in the place. Just the walls , floor , and ceiling. We walk into his bedroom. Also empty. We search by the closet. We find a set of scratches in the wooden floor. This obviously wasn't made by a human. No dog or cat would have nails this sharp or strong. My friend hands me her cellphone and says , "Take a video of this. This is important." After I record a video of the scratches , we go to the suicide woman's apartment. It's also empty. The lights don't work in here , so my friend takes out a flash light. The first thing we notice is , there's no mold smell in here. We go into the bathroom. To our surprise , the tub's still there. In fact the whole bathroom looks normal. Like someone came in and fixed it up. We try the lights. They work. The room is illuminated. Something under the tub. A book. A diary.  We take a look inside. There's blood smeared on the inside. We flip through the pages. We find drawings. Sketches of strange creatures. Little reptilian creatures. Frantic writing about "the tumor lizards". About an egg that every child has implanted in their brain at birth. About how the egg hatches after five years. About how after twenty years of growing , the creature(tumor lizard)that hatched from the egg crawls out of your skull while you sleep. Leaving a scar on your scalp. About how this only happens to the people who live in this apartment complex in Richmond , Virginia. She writes that this building is a special place. A special place with special connections. The writing gets more frantic towards the end of the diary. The last entry reads , "I know too much. I've seen too much. I've seen what they do with the tumor lizards. They're outside my door. They're going to kill me." My friend asks if I'm still recording this on her phone. We exit the bathroom and head for the hall way. We get to the front door and my friend , she stops us both and says "shh!" We hear footsteps outside in the hallway. Footsteps getting closer. I look through the eye hole thing. There's a man in black coveralls , wearing a black ski mask and goggles. He's got a silenced Glock. I whisper "Get away from the door" to my friend. As we back away , the man kicks in the door. My friend whacks him the back of the head with her flash light. He goes down. I get the gun away from him. She gets thrown aside by the man. He comes at me and I shoot him in the head. My friend , she pulls off his ski mask. We both stare long and hard at his face. He's got a vaguely human face. Vaguely human. Something like a terrible crossbreed. A crossbreed of human and some unearthly abomination. A hairless , reptilian humanoid that looks like it crawled out of some forgotten corner of the world. We check the pockets of his coveralls. We find a patch sewn to the inside of one of his pockets that says "Property of The United States Military Division X". The hallway's kind of dark. It's early in the evening and they haven't turned on the lights yet. The elevator seems to take an eternity getting to our floor. Ding. Our turn to ride. On the way down , a familiar smell fills the elevator. That smell of sulfur when you first strike a match. I turn and look at the back wall of the elevator. There's a fleshy opening in the wall. Similar to a giant vagina. Pulsing and dripping. Some kind of fluid that smells like sulfur. We pass the first floor and keep going down. We both know there's nothing we can do.  We hit the bottom. The elevator doors don't open. Instead the vagina on the wall opens up a little wider. I step forward and reach inside. Inside it's hollow. Like a tunnel. I start to crawl through. The smell is so bad I have to choke back vomit. To no avail. The vagina tunnel has opened up even more. I look back to make sure she's following me. After a little while longer , the place has opened up to the size of a big room. All the walls made of quivering , dripping flesh. We reach the end of the tunnel. There's a ladder. A ladder and a small metal sign nailed to the side of the "wall". An arrow pointing up "TO THE EGG ROOM". We both start climbing the ladder. Up and up and up and up and up. We pass little windows that look into bathrooms in peoples apartments. One way mirrors. We've been climbing for... We reach the top. It's a place where the sulfur smell has disappeared. It's dark and there's a low mechanical hum. I reach into my pocket and pull out a knife. A relatively large , illegal switchblade. My friend , she's struggling through her bag to find a flash light. But then the darkness goes away as someone , somewhere turns on the lights. It's an air conditioned control room. An air conditioned control room that overlooks a large , metal , indoor city. Standing in front of us are a man in a blue/gray business suit. It's the Governor. Next to him is a tall female lizard person. Like the strange crossbreed we killed earlier (but probably pure blooded). The governor speaks. "We were going to kill you. But you killed our hit man , so we decided to let you live. On the condition , of course , that you stay here until we reveal the tower to the world. You see , the tumor lizards are a brilliant race. They have been here since the 1920's. Our government decided to keep their existence a secret until the most opportune moment. So they've been crossbreeding with the humans in the apartment building since then. In preparation." "What the fuck are you talking about?!" my friend asks. "The building was built in the sixties!" The female tumor lizard speaks. "It's quite simple really. While a human sleeps , we drill a small hole in base of the skull and insert the egg. After the gesta-" I stopped paying attention to the chatter 'cause my friend was bleeding from her nose. Bleeding quite heavily actually. Now it's not blood. It's some blue fluid. She starts to pass out so I go catch her.  "Hey!" Yells the female angrily. "Pay Attention." "FUCK YOU! She needs help!" I retort.  As she's in my arms she starts to convulse. I look up and get knocked backwards by the female tumor lizard. I glance at my friend. She's starting to liquefy , or something. No , not really liquefy. More like her insides are turning to mush making her completely squishy. It's too late for her.  I charge past the tumor lizard lady and lunge at the governor. With a loud "SHWINK" my switchblade is out. I start stabbing the governor in the face repeatedly. One stab goes into his eye socket. Another goes into his cheek knocking out several teeth , which he swallows. I keep stabbing until he's not struggling anymore , except for some twitching. The tumor lizard lady steps in front of me and grabs me by the throat lifting me into the air. I wrap my legs around her waist and stab her in the neck until she's let me go and fallen to the ground. I keep stabbing. She's dead now. I go back to the governor. His face looks like raw , shredded beef. I feel his pulse. He's still got one. So I plunge my blade into his forehead. With a crunchy shluck the knife is standing stationary in the governor's face. I'm covered in blood. I can taste it in my mouth. It drips down off my eyebrows onto my eyelids. A door opens. I see a bright light shining in from the outside sky. The outside.

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