Pineal Discharge

Short stories. Unrelated scenes of violence and bizarre vignettes.
Some(most) of these stories contain graphic violence,sexual content and drug use. Also , lots of fucking language and shit. So yeah , viewer discretion is advised? Not for children. Unless you're one of THOSE children.
Yeah , you know who you are.



8. The Spanish Mouthwash

The summer heat sets the asphalt ablaze. Not literally of course. The black pavement is like a giant pancake griddle roasting the flesh of random homeless people too wasted to do anything about it. The midday sun , like an egg yoke of fire , creates an inescapable warmth that threatens all with dehydration and heat exhaustion. It's a long walk from the parking garage to the complex. Or at least it feels like a long walk 'cause of the weather. In the cooler , shaded area of the street , a young hustler with nut brown hair and deep , green eyes flashes his goods at older men and women hoping to get a customer. He's got bags under his eyes the size of a pregnant woman's breasts. Like he hasn't slept in days. There's a large scab or something on his left arm. He starts to scratch and pick at it. It starts to peel off. As it does it begins to bleed. It just keeps bleeding. His face is turning pale. He starts to sob and yell at passersby for help. Everyone keeps walking. So do I. In the corner of my eye I see him fall to his knees and start foaming at the mouth. He bites off his own tongue in bitter agony. His slender form starts jerking about in unorthodox style. I just keep walking. Minding my own business. I'm here for one reason and one reason only. To get my fix of mouthwash. That's right mouthwash. I have a group of friends who live in this apartment complex I'm going to. They are connoisseurs of mouthwash. They don't drink the stuff , they just taste it , swish it around in their mouths  , etc.  I drink it. I started drinking it about two years ago and I haven't been able to stop. I know it's toxic , but honestly-at this point-I don't give a fuck. Listerine , Scope , Crest , that cheap shit Equate. I don't give a shit , I'll drink it. It creates a feeling of perpetual numbness to the safety of one's surroundings. You could be in a burning building and not get excited about it. You'd still try to get the fuck out of there , you'd just be able to keep your wits about you. You don't lose your sense of self preservation. I know what you're thinking. "That doesn't sound too bad. In fact that sounds pretty great." But you're forgetting the fact that it's killing me slowly and painfully from the inside out. I saw a doctor about it. He told me that addiction to mouthwash is extremely rare and incurable. He said that I was going to die and that I should just enjoy myself. So I'm gonna go get some more mouthwash. We're supposed to have some imported , Spanish mouthwash today. It's supposed to taste like licorice. Inside the complex. I'm on the third floor. I knock on the door and I'm greeted by Bill. Bill is a tall , obese man who has labored breathing. It always sounds like he's snoring. It's amusing to watch his thick beard and mustache vibrate from the sonic waves of his loud breathe.   Inside Rick Is reclining on a small love seat with his lover(and possibly his cousin)Leah sitting on his lap. She fiddles with his dark hair in a playful fashion while he whispers into her small ears. His words like an invisible erection that's having sex with her eardrums. Then I see Oscar. Oscar's standing in the doorway separating the living room from the kitchen. His long , fake tan covered fingers fidget about with a piece of paper anxiously. He looks nervous. He watches me as I take a seat in a blue , plastic , folding chair next to the television. He speaks with a slight quiver in his voice. Oscar:"Now that you're all here...there's someone I'd like you to meet. He's the supplier of the Spanish Mouthwash." A long shadow is cast by the blazing sun cutting through the curtains of the kitchen window. A tall writhing figure squirms and wriggles its way into the living room. It's a Middle Eastern Meat Worm. (Meat Worms are known to spawn in or around the leftover scraps of slaughter houses and butcher's shops. Hence the name "Meat Worm".) He wears a pair of aviator sunglasses positioned awkwardly on his ear-less head. He stands erect , supported by the lower half of his body. Probably trying to mimic human height. He has no nostrils , so he breathes through his mouth in freakishly drawn out suckings of air. His open mouth reveals hundreds of small , razor sharp teeth. They jut out in a seemingly random order from dark purple gums. A paint peeling smell leaks from his gaping maw. Oscar:"This is Mr. Sheitan." A long pause of sinister undertones. Mr Sheitan speaks. A thickly accented , gravelly voice , dripping with obscure sexuality. Mr. Sheitan:"Thank you for taking interest in my product. I assure you , it will not disappoint." Mr Sheitan begins looking at Leah with animal lust. Breathing heavily. Leah:"Oscar , your friend is making me uncomfortable. Please ask him to leave." The large worm pushes itself up against Leah's face and body. Spreading her legs like butter. Mr. Sheitan:"Don't worry. I make it fast." A long stinger of sorts protrudes from the end of his tail. It teases the skin under Leah's jaw. It begins to slowly puncture the flesh. Up through her mouth. Up through her head. The stinger-now oozing a strange viscous , spermy fluid-emerges from the top of her scalp , making various tears. That viscous fluid starts dripping out Leah's nose. Rick jolts about in terror. He makes a desperate attempt to escape. Tripping over random shit as he crawls for the front door. The meat worm is upon him. Rick shrieks like a woman as the long stinger is forced up his anus and through the length of his body. Tearing apart his organs. Causing intense pain and internal bleeding. The bodies are quickly devoured by Mr. Sheitan. He licks his chops in disgusting apathy. Mr. Sheitan looks in my direction. He slithers forward pervertedly slow. A long gust of staining breath fingers its way through the air. The shape of a large , male meat worm looms in front of my seated form. I fondle a long hunting knife in my coat pocket. The meat worm begins licking my face in blazing desire. He wants so badly to devour me. He likes the taste of my skin. I , however , do not want to be eaten. So I extract the blade and plunge it into Mr. Sheitan's right eyeball. He rears back in the throes of extraordinary pain. I remain seated. A thick , gloppy , gelatinesque fluid drips from where his eye used to be. He shrieks in stretching perversion as he slurps up the substance. Twitching violently , he convulses his way out the front door. Where's he going? I don't know. I don't care. Bill is sitting in the corner slitting his wrists.  Oscar slumps down to his knees in the horrid realization that his plan had failed. The horrid realization that he is fucked. I stand up and cast an electric death glare at his face meat. He starts pleading , crying , swearing , begging for mercy. Yeah right , motherfucker. I grab his throat to hold him still. I insert the tip of the hunting knife into one of his nostrils. I slowly press it into the nose flesh until I've begun to draw blood. With my weapon penetrating I elongate his nostril. After that I force his mouth wide open. I force my hunting knife between Oscar's teeth. I grab the hilt and begin to jerk it back and forth. I increase the amount of strength I'm using until his jaw dislocates almost completely , ripping the skin and flesh slightly. I dig the blade into his gums and cut out seven of his teeth. I leave Oscar The Miserable Traitor to bleed to death. Now I have to deal with Bill. I don't know what role he played in all this. Then I remember that he was slitting his wrists. I rotate to see the shell of someone who used to be called Bill. The fat , fleshy body sits in a puddle of its own blood. I figure I'd better leave before he voids his bowels. I grab the suitcase filled with the Spanish Mouthwash and I leave the building.   

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