Pineal Discharge

Short stories. Unrelated scenes of violence and bizarre vignettes.
Some(most) of these stories contain graphic violence,sexual content and drug use. Also , lots of fucking language and shit. So yeah , viewer discretion is advised? Not for children. Unless you're one of THOSE children.
Yeah , you know who you are.



12. Silk Tonsils

Jacob sits still as he watches the scene unfold. Rachael's in the corner with her knees tucked into her torso. Her arms wrapped around. We're looking at Bill. He's got something on his chest. A large organism with spasms in its muscles. A slime trail leads out the front door. This thing came in while we watched television. Bill's trying to move , but he seems stuck. He tries pulling his ass away from the seat. It appears that the wooden chair has "merged" with his pants and butt cheeks(or something). "H-Help , please..." His voice trails off in silent despair. He sees that none of us are going to help. He starts sobbing in desperation. "Please" he chokes. "Please do something." We can't do anything. This creature starts growing. It spreads across his chest and up his neck. It reaches past his mouth and gets into his nose. Bill groans as a large gelatinous slug-thing squeezes its way through his nasal passages. The thing comes out his mouth and spills out around his neck. It's spreading around his arms and back getting into his pants. His clothes get shredded in the process. On his butt , where the pants , skin and wood fused , there's a tearing sound. Blood spreads around his ass. The organism gets between his legs and forces its way into his urethra. His dick starts splitting in two as it gets stretched too much from the inside. I think Bill's unconscious at this point. I hope , for his sake , he's dead already. He starts to mumble incoherently. Sadly he still lives. The thing makes space between his torn up ass and the chair. It pushes forward and Bill falls face first onto the carpet. The thing spreads apart his butt cheeks and penetrates his anus. It fills up his intestine until he resembles a bloated desert corpse. We hear popping. Then we smell something terrible. Feces and blood start leaking out from underneath Bill's gut. That thing burst his lower intestine. The skin on Bill's back starts to bulge and push outward. The creature breaks out through the skin and brings his kidneys along. They start disintegrating and we realize what's going on. Bill's being digested by this thing from the inside out. Bill , he starts looking kinda flat. We hear bones cracking and disconnecting. An empty bag lays before us now. Not for long though , the organism soon engulfs what's left. It slithers back into a slug shape. It makes its slow , careful departure making a new slime trail next to the first. Rachael's rocking back and forth whispering repetitive lines of dialogue to herself. Jacob stands up and goes for the telephone. The giant slug is outside on the sidewalk now. A stench follows it. Like rotting fruit. In a McDonald's parking lot across town. A pick-up truck pulls in. Two redneck fucks hop out. On a leash they have Lucas. He's wearing just his boxers and a ball-gag. It's just me and Jim. Bob's in MacDonald's using the restroom. One of the hillbillies has a pump action shotgun.  Bob is standing in the restroom. He stares into the mirror for awhile. There's a piece of dead skin hanging off his left cheekbone. Like the stuff that peels when you get a bad sunburn. He starts picking at it. A little blood trickles down his face. It runs down his neck and stains the white dress shirt he has on under his black sports coat. Feeling hungry and malnourished , he forgets his endeavor of trying to remove his face-skin and heads into the eating area of the MacDonald's. He gets in line to order a processed meat-burger. The giant see through glass doors reveal the events unfolding outside to Bob. He rushes outside to aid in the negotiation with the hillbillies(for the safe return of Lucas). The redneck faggot with the shotgun blows his load of buckshot at Bob's face. Blood and chunks of meat fly everywhere. Bob , he's on the ground , not dead. The lower left side of his face(specifically the cheek area) is gone. I rush the motherfucker and get part of my right hand blown off. I kneel down in sorrow and agony , my hand bleeding all over the place. I fall backwards , feeling dizzy from the rapid blood loss. From the ground I see Jim start to cower. The faggots are closing in on him like a pack of murderously horny dingoes. I see Bob get up and take them by surprise. He gets the shotgun and blows the one who shot his face off away. The guy who has Lucas on a leash , Bob breaks both of his arms with uncanny expertise. Then he reaches down the guy's throat. There's a loud snap. What happens next is confusing. Bob starts pulling a thick bumpy "thing" out of this guy's mouth. The more he pulls out , the thicker it gets. It gets so thick it's tearing the redneck's mouth and cheeks. Then I realize that it's the guy's spine. Bob is pulling the man's spine out through his mouth. It stops halfway out and there's another snap. Bob breaks what is sticking out off , leaving half a spine in this guy's throat. I look a little harder and see that the man isn't dead yet. His Adam's apple bumping back and forth , grinding in vain against this mass of rough bone lodged in his throat. After a minute or so , the man's eyes go dead and cold. Jim and Bob help me up and shove in the backseat of the station wagon. And after piling the violated Lucas in , we make for the nearest hospital.

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