Pineal Discharge

Short stories. Unrelated scenes of violence and bizarre vignettes.
Some(most) of these stories contain graphic violence,sexual content and drug use. Also , lots of fucking language and shit. So yeah , viewer discretion is advised? Not for children. Unless you're one of THOSE children.
Yeah , you know who you are.




Tired. Cold. Wet. Aching. Bleeding. These words are all adjectives. I'm standing outside a movie theater. The air is heavy and damp with precipitation. Large raindrops burst on the ground , congregating in their own little social communities called puddles. A moviegoer films the carnage with her outdated flip phone. Sirens can be heard in the distance. Blue lights exude from the inner sanctum of the theater. The glass doors are propped open by bodies. A man stumbles out of the theater with only one foot. He staggers from trying to walk on his fresh stump. Finally , he buckles over just a few feet from the outside. HE TRIES TO CRAWL. His hands scratch at the filthy carpet , trying to grab hold of something and pull himself forward. Rolling sounds of hate can be heard. Inhuman rage issues from somewhere inside the theater. The crawling , one footed man is seized by some unseen force. His head is twisted off. HIS LANGUID CORPSE IS TORN APART LIMB FROM LIMB. Survivors flood the sidewalk outside the cinema. They nurse injuries ranging from bloody noses to multiple amputations. Blood is spattered all over the cement. Red streaks. Vermilion  rivers mingle with the streams of water flowing down the street. I'm standing outside a movie theater.  The police cars pull up behind me. Blue doughnut eaters armed with assault rifles , armored with SWAT equipment. They push past me. They knock me out of the way. Filing into the building with ignorance fueled abandon.  Dipshit. Dumbass. Stupid fuckers. From out here I can see fresh blood mingle with the drying , caked stuff. It splashes against the inside of the glass walls. I honestly didn't think the human body could bleed that much. Their bodies are smashed , shredded , shaved , blended into a bloody pulp. A chunky salsa made of human. I stand up from the blood stained sidewalk. In my pocket is a Swiss army knife. I extract the corkscrew and drive it part way into the fingerprint of my left thumb. Blood trickles down my hand onto my wrist.  I take my minuscule , bloodied appendage and I draw a circle inside of a circle on the glass wall of the cinema. Stepping around inside the theater. Stepping over bodies. The internal structure and design of the cinema has become very organic. Blue growths everywhere that give an ethereal blue light. Like some undersea cave. Like a different planet. The light starts alternating between bright and dim in a frantic manner. IT KNOWS I'M HERE.  Mossy smells float up from the blood soaked carpets. Smiling angles convalesce. Drinking fountain oblivion. Monolithic size inside theater number 4. Down the frenetic isle. Standing there in agony. In the torment of existing. The rigid exoskeleton prods the air around it. This beautiful abomination. This frightened terror. Omnicidal in its intentions. A desire to destroy all things , but being limited to this movie theater. Its sleek head glistens with secreted moisture. Reptilian and fish-like , but with the awareness of a mammal. Without genitals it lacks purpose for existing. I step towards it. I melt into it. Absorbing it. Making it part of me. It loses any sense of self it had. Its thick limbs release themselves from the seats.  Blue. Green. Yellow. White. I melt into the floor. It sucks me in. Pulling me closer and closer to the edge of oblivion. Sweet rest of oblivion. Needles. Dark green fluid. Veins. Track marks. Powder covered bliss. Orgasmic discoveries. Leaking minds fill the building with immovably corrosive acid. Burning though the various floors of mentality until the SYRINGE FILLED WITH DARK GREEN FLUID is injected into the veins. Coursing through the veins until the hospital lights wake you up and you claw a nurse's face to shreds. Bloody pieces of skin hang from your abnormally sharp fingernails. The lights fade into a swirling , hypnotic blur. A LONG SHARP NEEDLE COMES BACK FOR SLOPPY SECONDS. More of THE DARK GREEN FLUID. Monsters of ancient lore attend a large , prestigious awards ceremony. They devour celebrities at random. swallowing fashion models whole. Chewing on famous hairdressers and musicians. Tiny abrasions whisper like mice into the crevice of eternity. THE NEEDLE , THE NEEDLE , THE NEEDLE. THE DARK GREEN FLUID. Red. Organs. Intestine. Colon. Rectum. Waste. Human waste. Human waste treatment center. People tearing apart other people. Dead people straining against gravity and physics. The laws of nature broken. Testicular junkies drink sweet , YELLOW jisom from great golden goblets. They stick out like THE NEVER ENDING STARE OF FATE. THENEVERENDINGSTAREOFFATE. Brink stepping leads to falling leads to death leads to orgasm leads to release. Metal rings and hooks puncture the flesh. They get under the skin and pull. YANK. RIP. BREAK. BLEED. BITE. GNAW. FEED. THE DARK GREEN FLUID. In the infected area twice a day until symptoms lessen. Contact physician if negative side effects occur. Never take with STEROIDS. Rub in thoroughly until pain is gone. Plasma. Glass. Tube. Vacuum. Electricity. The giant ESSENTIAL is awakening. Generations of screamers. The collective consciousness of a million dying lemurs invade the privacy of my hospital room. They tell me the blueprints to a movie theater. A texting nurse starts complaining about random shit and I chew her face off. I dig my teeth into her face and YANK. Courtroom drama. Apocalypse junkies. Parting the sea of deathly heat. THEDARKGREENFLUIDISBEGININGTOWEAKENITHINK. The needle of legend inserts itself once again. Don't wait up for me at the clinic. I'll be there at 10:00. Telephone call at 9:00 A.M. I walk along the dilapidated structures we call houses. Paint stripped by years of salty air caressing them violently. A lady follows me with a flip phone. She films me walking for a while before getting a call. Sediments of dog shit cover the sidewalk. The smell hits my nose. It's human shit. This is testicular junky town.  I'm standing outside a movie theater. There's a gaping hole in my chest. My rib cage is exposed. A part of me has been removed. Something important. I feel around in my torso. I'm not missing any organs.

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