Pineal Discharge

Short stories. Unrelated scenes of violence and bizarre vignettes.
Some(most) of these stories contain graphic violence,sexual content and drug use. Also , lots of fucking language and shit. So yeah , viewer discretion is advised? Not for children. Unless you're one of THOSE children.
Yeah , you know who you are.



23. Monolith

Robert stands tall on the brink.

We watch him from underneath the glass structure. Sunlight filtered through clear sand slowly poisons us with radiation.

Robert walks.

People staring. Pointing upward. I look around us. Buildings in disrepair. Disheveled structures. There's an instance of panic. It spreads through the crowd. One by one the citizens of this infernal place realize what Robert's about to do.

The sky. Blue. White clouds. A pale yellow sun. Heat that adds the feeling of ten pounds to all.

Robert keeps walking.

People are yelling now. Screaming. Cursing loudly. This foolish Robert is going to doom us all. The panic has gripped me as well. But I am indifferent. We're all going to die. Those that don't perish will be propelled into the outer reaches of reality. So be it.

Robert stops walking.

The edge of the structure. A tall door floating in mid air. It opens with a universal moan. A cry of despair from the universe. Inside the door , death. Destruction of everything innocent.

The Great Ones. The ancient abominations. Undisturbed until now. Robert. Why?

They release noises that are almost horrible laughs. Laughs at the expense of us. The mortal weaklings. 



I sit down. Breathe deeply. And wait. 


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