Pineal Discharge

Short stories. Unrelated scenes of violence and bizarre vignettes.
Some(most) of these stories contain graphic violence,sexual content and drug use. Also , lots of fucking language and shit. So yeah , viewer discretion is advised? Not for children. Unless you're one of THOSE children.
Yeah , you know who you are.



3. Immolation

Seconds before the closing speech. A man rushes into the conference hall. The patrons still chewing the complimentary dinners. Silently , a tall spindly figure with protruding ribs and black , sinewy arms follows him in. The bottom portion of the being resembles two long tentacles strapped together with leather. A trail of iridescent grease is left behind on the black and white tiled floor. It has a small mouth and four eyes. Cheekbones to die for. Skin so pale you can easily make out its veins. The man holds a can of gasoline. He walks toward the stage. Climbs the stairs and kicks the guest speaker in the nuts. As the speaker kneels down with hands cupped around his testicles , the gas toting stranger kicks him in the forehead. A loud , crunchy snap echoes through the hall as the dead speaker falls face down , limp and lifeless. The gas man taps the hot microphone creating slight feedback. "Hello" he says timidly. "I'd like to show you something." The tall creature is now standing behind the man now. It holds a box of matches in its hand. The man douses himself in petrol. The creature , writhing unnaturally , hands him the matches. Drool emerges from the figure's dainty mouth. The man looks out past the audience. He smiles and strikes a match. His body explodes in a flaming inferno. The burning man sits down in the lotus position. His skin starting to bubble and drip from the fire. The creature licks its lips and scans the crowd. It slithers to a woman , dumbfounded by the events. A large hand with thin , twitchy fingers wraps around her throat. With little effort the being lifts the woman from her chair. Its mouth stretches around her head. With a sickening "scrulch"  the woman's head is gone. The creature ignites like the burning man and rises into the air.  

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