Pineal Discharge

Short stories. Unrelated scenes of violence and bizarre vignettes.
Some(most) of these stories contain graphic violence,sexual content and drug use. Also , lots of fucking language and shit. So yeah , viewer discretion is advised? Not for children. Unless you're one of THOSE children.
Yeah , you know who you are.



2. Abduction

Alan's waking up. He's on a cold metal table in a cold metal room. The walls are white with strange circular things that resemble small windows. About ten feet away , his friend Greg is on a similar table. Alan tries to move. He can't. He looks at his arms and legs. They aren't strapped to the table. "Why can't I move?" he wonders. Then he tries to speak. He can't do that either. He feels nauseous. His eyes roll around in their sockets , observing the room. Alan's very confused. All he remembers is going to bed. Then a door opens.  And everything makes sense. Four tall reptilian humanoids enter the room. They're wearing lab coats made from a strange unearthly fabric. Fabric that's just not quite..."right".  Alan and Greg have been abducted by aliens or this is a crazy-ass dream. They all walk over to Greg. He looks scared. One of them pulls out some kind of scalpel. He cuts open Greg's shirt. He feels around Greg's abdomen for a little while. Then he takes the scalpel and inserts it into Greg's bellybutton. He breaks through the skin and begins to slice all the way up his torso in a perfect straight line. When the blade reaches the diaphragm he pulls it out and shoves his hand inside. He begins to remove his intestines. Slowly pulling them out like a long rope , inspecting every inch of them. Then it stops. It's caught on something. But that doesn't make any sense. Oh wait , it's not caught on anything , there's just no more to pull out. But that doesn't stop Mr. alien here. No he just rips the motherfucker out. Just like that. Now Greg has no gastrointestinal system. Then Mr. alien grabs the bottom of Greg's rib cage and begins to pull. There's a lot of loud cracking. The sound of splitting bone and meat. After some time , Greg's rib cage is open , exposing his lungs and still beating heart. Mr. alien and his three friends , they start to poke at Greg's lungs and heart with various instruments.  Then they finally put the poor bastard out of his misery. They put him in a strange chamber , like a hyperbaric oxygen chamber but totally see through. They turn some dial and then Greg's face starts to swell like balloon. His cheeks start filling with blood , swelling to a ridiculous size. What's left of the rest of his body follows suit. Then his eyeballs start rising out of his skull like large skinless grapes floating around. Then his eyes pop. The pop's slightly audible. The pop must have been some kind of catalyst 'cause the rest of him popped right after. Red covered the inside of the chamber. The smell of death by popping filled the room. Then Mr. alien and his pals , they turn to Alan. They start walking over to him. He blacks out. Alan wakes up the next the next morning on his front lawn. Completely naked. His left hand hurts like a bitch. He rushes inside before his neighbors can see his penis and balls and puts on boxers and a bathrobe. 'Cause the rest of his clothes are gone. He makes a hasty drive to the free clinic. He sits in the waiting room. The cold white waiting room. He waits for hours. His hand hurts more and more. Then he hears a beep. A very foreign beep. He looks at his left hand. In the center of his palm , there's a blinking red light. "OH SHIT!" He yells out. "A FUCKING TRACKING DEVICE!" He makes another hasty drive back home and rushes into the kitchen. He goes through his utensil drawer in the kitchen and pulls out his big meat cleaver. Alan's very proud of that meat cleaver. That meat cleaver was his grandfather's meat cleaver. But that's beside the point , Alan takes the cleaver and with one swift , strong chop he cuts all the way through his wrist. Screaming , he tries to pull his hand away. But he can't. He can't , because there's two metal cords running through the meat of his arm into the palm of his hand. Horrified and extremely pissed off , he makes yet another hasty drive back to the free clinic. He rushes past all the stinky homeless people , the broke artists , the crack addicted prostitutes. He rushes into the check up room where the doctor is checking out a weird growth on this high school kid's back. He looks at Alan , then he looks at Alan's hand hanging by the cords of metal embedded in his arm. "Alan..." he says. "You shouldn't have done that." The doctor starts to claw at his face. His skin comes apart , falling off in big chunks , revealing a different face. It's Mr. alien. He steps out of the skin like it was coveralls. Wearing that strange lab coat made from the strange fabric. "Alan , you've just ruined our plans. Now Greg has died in vain."  

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