Calling at the Lake

The voices are calling and Vicky cant resist.


6. Three weeks later.


It has been three weeks now, since I talked to Madison and Sophia, despite Sophia’s attempts. I stayed at the other side of the lake, always avoided them. I tried to get onto the beach once, but apparently I can’t get my legs back. I was stuck.

No one came looking for me, so there was no chance of help. I prayed that someone would walk past. Many nights I dreamed of having my legs back, of going back to my friends, my family, and my home. But it won’t happen; according to the taunts from Madison I will never get my legs back. I am stuck with them and she doesn’t care if I don’t like it. They have ruined my life.

I spend my days not knowing what to do, not knowing where to go. But I know I am not talking to those monsters. They killed my brother and have taken my life away. I don’t even know why they changed me.

If they need help they can forget it, I am not helping. I am a helpful person, if you ask, but being changed into a fish makes a big impact on your thoughts. I do not want to help them; I won’t be nice to them. I just want my brother back. I now knew how he died and it was the same way I was tempted out into the water, he couldn’t resist. 

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