Calling at the Lake

The voices are calling and Vicky cant resist.


3. Swirling pool.


I was forced to open my eyes, the taste of mint and strawberries filled my mouth. I met the girl with pink streaks eyes; they were as pink as her tail. They shimmered changing shades of pink as well. I was dead. I had to be. The girls mouth was pressed against mine, breathing life into me. It felt weird, like I was dead one minute, but this girl saved my life. I tried to back away, but she held me in place. Was she trying to keep me alive?

I felt a prick and spun my head away from her to see the blue light. A girl with red hair with blue streaks had dug into my ankle with long blue nails; my blood clouded the water in swirls. She smirked at me then bit down on the cut. I screamed, it was painful, why would she bite me? I kicked and she swam away a horrible shriek filled the water. The pink streaks girl turned me to face her one more time, breathed the strawberry mint taste into my mouth and took off in the same direction as the blue.

I could see the faint lights; in the distance they were still watching me. I floated there, not sure what was happening, I couldn’t move, but now I wasn’t drowning. I turned in a slow circle looking for the shore but I couldn’t see it. The water began to swirl around me, making me spin in furious circles. The water seemed to glow, my legs began to ache. I looked down and they began to sparkle, a bright purple light. I was scared, what was happening? It had to be a dream. My legs shone, the light made me squint my eyes and when it died down, my legs were replaced by a long glistening purple tail.

I took deep breaths, trying to calm down. Until I realised, I was breathing under water. I tried to burst through the swirling water but it felt like I hit a brick wall. I rubbed my head, and ran my fingers through my hair. Why was this happening? I looked at my body; my shirt was replaced by a scaly top. It wasn’t a top, but I expected it was the equivalent of one. My stomach was showing and I had a light brown tan. I was panicking.

I put my hands on my face and felt a nip. I looked at my nails, now long and purple. I could feel tears welling up inside me, when one slipped past and into the water. I watched as a purple tear bobbed in front of me. When it hit the swirling water, everything went still. The swirling stopped and the water was calm. I could see the lights again, further away now. I left my mouth open, this wasn’t real, it was just a story people told, about beings with a tail of a fish and a body of a human. But everything pointed the opposite way, they were real. I just saw two with my own eyes and now, I was one of them. 

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