Calling at the Lake

The voices are calling and Vicky cant resist.


8. Stop.


I stared into Theo’s eyes, his grey eyes stared back, the faint lines of green seemed to pop when our lips were together. I could taste the mint toothpaste and it was unbelievable how much I loved the taste. I never removed my lips, I could still hear the chanting, but his eyes were focused on me. He bit my lip lightly and ran his fingers through my golden hair. “Theo.” I murmured.

“Vicky.” He replied, breathing in the scent of my hair. He pulled me close to him and I got lost in his eyes. “Where have you been?” He asked, sounding calm. “Here.”

Once he began to talk the girls stopped chanting and returned to normal. “Wh-what happened?” Sophia rubbed her head. “You tried to drown Theo!” I growled, flicking water at them. “Who are they? Wait drown? What’s going on Vicky?” His expression showed he was confused and didn’t remember what happened.

I wanted to tell him, but I couldn’t find the right words, my mouth just lay open no words being formed. “I’m Sophia.” She extended her hand, gripping his and shaking it. “I’m Theo...” He grabbed my wrist and spun me to face him. “We have to go. Do you know how worried everyone is Vicky?” His brow furrowed. “You can’t just disappear for three weeks without a phone call.” I shook my head and he began to drag me towards the beach.

“No... Theo please...” I struggled to get out of his grip, before he realised why I didn’t come home. “Vicky stop fighting, what’s up with you? We are best friends, it’s not like you to leave and not tell me.” That was true, Theo is my best friend. I would never dream of jeopardising our friendship. The only reason I kissed him was because I panicked, luckily it brought him out of the trance.  But this....Me being a fish, Siren thing or whatever, would change things between us.

I looked back at Madison and Sophia, desperate for help, we were getting into the shallow water and he was bound to see me. “Vicky!” Sophia leaped through the water and grabbed my other hand. “Let her go!” Theo swiped at her hand. “She can’t go!” Madison appeared from the water. “It’s not up to you. Her parents want her home and I am taking her there.” He answered and began to drag his legs through the water. “Ahhh!” I cursed as my tail scraped a sharp rock. I felt it scratch through some scales and purple trail formed behind me.

“What’s wrong?” He moaned and turned to face me, his eyes bulged as he looked me up and down. There was no hiding it anymore, the water didn’t hide it, Sophia and Madison floated in the shallows but they hadn’t been dragged further than they were meant to go. 

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