Calling at the Lake

The voices are calling and Vicky cant resist.


4. Sophia.


I floated there, not sure what to do. I tried to swim but it was hopeless. It was pathetic I looked like a baby learning to walk; I bumped into things, got tangled and really wasn’t going anywhere. Get it together Vicky! You are the swimming captain for god’s sake. You can do this. This was perfect I was insulting myself in my mind. I thought for a second, I had a point I was swimming captain. I remembered a stroke I could use. We called it the butterfly stroke. You kept your legs together and kicked them up and down, like a mermaid would. How could I be so stupid, I was trying to kick but couldn’t, I didn’t have legs. I imagined doing the butterfly stroke, I moved my legs up and down and I slowly started to move. I couldn’t believe it I was swimming! It felt like the time I first learnt to swim, when I was just little.

I looked around searching for the girls. I needed answers, but first I headed towards the surface.

I let out a gasp as oxygen flooded into my lungs, it was so good. Everything was calm; everything was normal, apart from me. I watched the beach, no one to be seen, and no one to help me. I took a shaky breath, another tear dripped into the water, followed by another. There was a swirl f purple in the water as the tears hit. I was always emotional; the littlest thing could hurt or upset me. I was only like that since my brother died.

Clouds descended into my sight, dark and bold. Threatening to chuck out rain by the bucket load. What did it care now, I was wet anyway, my biggest problem was now having to figure out how I was getting my legs back, if I could get them back. “Hello.” My voice quivered, and it was almost like a whisper. “Please what’s happening?” My voice was more even, but I was not sure of myself, were those girls safe to be around? Of course not they just tried to drown me and changed me into a fish!

The water broke out into ripples as a girl popped out in the distance. It was the girl with pink streaks; a grin was plastered on her face. “Hello.” I waved, hand shaking like mad. She leaped out of the water and towards me. My pulse raced and I turned swimming in the opposite direction. I never got far before she was right beside me, grabbing my arm. I let out a shriek as she tried to calm me down. “Shhhh!” She covered my mouth. “Please be quiet.” She pleaded.

“Who are you?” She played with her hair. “I’m Sophia.” She extended her hand and I took it. “Come on.” Without letting my hand go she pulled me through the water at lightning speed. “How can you swim so fast?” I closed my eyes; the speed was beginning to give me a headache. “Practise.” She giggled and we came to a halt. There was a small cave in front of us. I recognised it, you could see it from the beach but it was way too dangerous to go inside.

“Come on.” She swam towards it. “No way.” I turned to head back. “If you want answers, you better come inside.” I shook my head. “It’s dangerous!” I snapped, she swam to my side. “What’s your problem?”

“My problem.” I scoffed. “Haven’t you noticed? I’m a fish!!!!”  I pointed to my tail. “We are NOT fish that is an insult!” She sounded upset, but I didn’t want to become a fish. “We are Sirens! Not mermaids! Not fish! Sirens!” The water began to get ruff the more she shouted, she grabbed my hand and forced me into the cave. 

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