Calling at the Lake

The voices are calling and Vicky cant resist.


9. It hurts.


“What the that?” He pointed a shaking finger at my tail, I lost my words again. He let go of my wrist. “Theo....Let me explain.” He tripped on a rock and scrambled back. “What....What....” His eyes were filled with fear. “Theo please.” I tried to move but let out a moan of pain. A rock was stuck into my tail, purple coloured the water around me.

“You’re hurt...” Theo overcame his shock and rushed to my side. “I’m fine.” He blinked wildly, hand hovering over my tail. “Can you get me back to the water?” I closed my eyes as a pain shot through my tail; I flinched as I was lifted from the water. “I-I-I...” Theo stuttered, dragging his legs through the water. When we were at waist deep water he set me down. “Thanks.” I gave a weak smile as Sophia appeared at my side.

“You crazy fool!!!!” She bellowed at Theo, pushing his chest. “How was I meant to know?” He muttered. “You had no right to try and take her away!” She roared, Madison checked my tail. “It’s not that deep you will live.” She licked her lips. “You’re lucky she isn’t seriously hurt the way you hauled her through the water!” Sophia pointed a slender finger at him.

“What is going on?” He put his hands in the air. “Theo, it’s a long story.” I shook my head. “I want to know.” He folder his arms across his chest, tapping a finger on his forearm. “Well... as you can see I’m different.” I clicked my teeth together. “Well obviously, you have a freaking tail!” He gestured towards it. “Leave her alone!” Madison flicked water at him. Madison was trying to defend me? She hates me, why would she try to help me? “I’m talking to Vicky not you!”

“Stop fighting!” Sophia snapped. “I think you should leave.” She pointed at Theo. “Not until I know what’s going on.” He stood his ground. “I swear if you don’t leave I’m going to drag you to the bottom of this lake and hold you there.” She pointed behind her; I couldn’t help but think the threat was genuine. “Did you do that to her?” He demanded. “Yes in fact we did.” Madison gestured to both her and Sophia.

“Change her back.” He commanded, balling his fists at his side. “Cant.” Madison shrugged. “What do you mean, Can’t?” Theo raised an eyebrow. “I mean what’s done is done and can’t be changed.” Madison began to get up in his face, jaw tight. “You mean she can’t be changed back! You have ruined her life. Her family’s life!” He was now shouting in Madison’s face. “Stop it!” I raised my hands and a wave pushed Theo over. “You two will pay for this.” He got up and stormed out of the lake.

“Theo!” I called, wanting to run after him, but I was stuck in this prison. It was torture watching him walking away and out of sight. Not knowing when I would see him next, if I would ever see him again. 

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