Calling at the Lake

The voices are calling and Vicky cant resist.


2. Dragged to the bottom.


The voices carried on, refusing to stop. Somewhere in the back of my mind I was screaming ‘Go back! It’s not safe!’But the problem was, I couldn’t stop, I walked deeper and deeper until I was floating on the water, I moved my hands in small circles enjoying the water. I belonged here; it was peaceful and gave me time to think. I flipped onto my stomach breaking into a breast stroke. Eyes scanning the water, when a wave bobbed me up and I got a better view.


‘Out to the Middle,

The middle of the lake,

We shall be waiting, please don’t make a mistake.’


I spun around; the voices seemed to be circling me until my eyes fell to the middle of the lake. I wanted to go, but at the same time I didn’t. What could happen? I’m captain of the swim team, one of the best swimmers, it’s not like I would drown the waves weren’t even that bad. I took a deep breath and propelled myself through the water, arms stretched out toward the centre.

I reached it, my hair drenched, I rung it out squeezing the water when I took a deep breath in shock when I was pulled under the water.

The water was salty; it stung my throat when I gulped a mouthful. I struggled, trying to get to the top but the light was slowly fading, and it was getting dark, I am scared of the dark. I let out a scream the bubbles floating past my face but it was no use, I was being dragged deeper, until I hit the bottom of the water, and was tangled in the seaweed.

I thought I was crying but couldn’t tell, I was sure I was going to drown. I gulped down mouthful after mouthful of water. I could feel my eyes getting heavy, but I could see two shapes swimming around me. I could make out a tail as it smacked into my side. I tried to keep my mouth shut, I wanted to see if these shapes were the ones that were singing, or maybe they were sharks trapped when the trees grew over the ridge.

There were two bright lights, one was a lip-gloss pink, like the one I had sitting on my dresser but never used. The other was a blue, like the blue you got straight out a paint pot in class. They showed figures that looked like people, but they couldn’t be, I had just drunk a lot of water, and was drowning, I was imagining things.

I tugged at the seaweed but it seemed to wrap itself around me more. The pink light got closer and a girl’s face appeared in front of me, she looked young, her skin had no blemishes and was tanned, her light brown hair had pink streaks running through it. On her head were starfish, stuck together to make a halo sort of thing, or crown. But what stuck out most was the scaly tail what ran from her waist down. I struggled, eyes widening. The scales sparked pink, all shades. I opened my mouth and took one last gulp and then lost the will  to fight, I closed my eyes and went into the darkness. 

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