The Rain washes away my tears.

A tale of wretch, sadness, and passion...


1. Arrangements

My name is Cathy. Well it is actually Cathrine, but all my friends call me Cathy. My family are fairly wealthy. My Father is a governer for the work house, as is my mother for the foundling hospital. Mother wants to send me away to a posh school so I may learn the rules of etiquette behaviour, and of poise, and manners. It all sounds rather humdrum if you ask me. Who wants to learn silly things like that when you can have so much more fun playing out and about! Mother says that all my friends are tough street uns, and she forbids me to see them, but I can be terribly deceitful when I want to be. My looks always deceive my father. My soft brown ringlets frame my face, my awful collar on my dress sticks out, my dreaded puff sleeves stick out everywhere, my blue eyes gaze into his, my leather kidd boots are placed gracefully on the ground. "But father, I have made friends with millicent down at the big house" I might say, and then I would bat my innocent blue eyes at him, and he would say " of course darling. I can hire you a hansom cab if you want. Don't want any strange men coming along, do we?" "of course not father." Then I would run upstairs. Betty, the maid, has lent me her old uniform, so that I may disguise myseld and play with my friends. We are all out in the streets playing, When the most charming gentlemen strides up the streets. He is about my age. And very handsome indeed! It's very hard to find a handsome suitor in the middle of london 1891 I suppose. He looks about eighteen, my age. To my surprise, he knocks at my door! I squeal and scuttle round the back, rush upstairs, get into my fussy, pompous clothes, and do my hair, then I smooth the front of my dress, breathe, then answer to my mothers delicate hailings for betty to answer, and for me to act as host. Ah ha. Mother had obviously asked this man to come round to meet me. Really, she is a modern day cupid! Betty answers and I hear their footsteps as he is lead to the parlour, where i await him, my skirts spread around me, my hair arranged carefully. I have a string of pearls around my neck as well. As this most handsome man is seating himself, I forget my careful manners and grin at him. He seems rather surprised, but returns the grin with his own cheeky smile. I ask him his name, his age and where he lives. "My name is Edward, I live in the big house. My sister is millicent. Maybe you know of her? I have just turned eighteen." He asks me my name and my age. "I am Catherine but people call me Cathy. I too, am eighteen." We talk a while more, then he is gone, and I wave goodbye on the porch. "Well. Did you like him?" asks mother, who is suddenly by my side. "Ever so much." "Good, because you are to be married in a year." My mouth fell open, and mother did not like this at all. "close that mouth at once!" I had never in my life thought I would have an arranged marriage though! Gracious, thank to goodness that I like Edward!"

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