Can you really love someone forever?




‘Don’t be scared, I aint going nowhere.





Gopal said they could use his room. His parents were away for the weekend.


He let them in. Lucy was astonished at the décor. A low couch of carved wood with gaudy pillows. Strange paintings of elephants. Framed pictures of beautiful, ornate writing in a script that meant nothing to her. Photographs of men in turbans and women in bright, colourful costumes.

Gopal led them to his bedroom. He said he’d be watching telly in the lounge.


Haydn told Lucy it wouldn’t hurt. That she’d enjoy it. It was the right thing to do. If she really loved him. Everyone was doing it, he said. All their friends. Don’t be scared, he said.


Despite the impression he’d cultivated, it was Haydn’s first time too.


He closed the curtains. Lucy was nervous. And a little embarrassed.


Haydn took his clothes off and folded them neatly over a chair.


Lucy stood watching him. It was the first time she’d seen him completely naked. She said she’d never even seen her father without his clothes on. She’d never been into the bathroom when he was using the bath or having a shower. Even when she was little. Even her mother never changed in front of her.


She thought he looked marvelous. She saw that he was excited.


Then he helped her to get undressed. They lay on the bed and kissed and touched each other. He was overwhelmed at the wonderful sensation of pressing his body against hers. The silky smooth feeling of her skin. Kissing her breasts. The soft, furry feel as he brushed his hand across the warm springy hair of her groin.


Lucy was doing what she knew Haydn loved. Only with no clothes to hinder her. He lay on his back pointing at the ceiling. Then he said, ‘No, no, please don’t do that. I’ll get too excited. And I’m not ready. Not just yet.’


They heard the front door open, and then they heard voices. Lucy froze. Haydn watched as the doorknob turned.


A man’s voice just outside the bedroom said, ‘Who’s in your room. Why is the door locked?’


They heard Gopal say ‘It’s Lucy and Haydn.’


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