Panto Crime

This story is several fairy-tales with a funny twist!
Will Snow white be saved?
Will Prince Perkiss ever find the girl he's looking for?
Will the ugly sisters realise that it is their stepsister the prince fancies?
Will red riding hood find the wolf who ate her granny?
Will Aladdin find the genii?
Will Alan the squirrel find his nuts?
All will be revealed in this manic story- every dramtic twist brings a different view!
This is one mystery Scooby Doo wouldn't be able to solve!!
(By the way, I did not think up this story! It was a play we did at school but I thought it would make a good book! Enjoy!)


1. Snow white and the Seven dwarfs

Snow white stood in the kitchen of her small home. It seemed ever so quiet when the dwarfs were at work. There was no noise and she was so lonley. Suddenly, there was a whispering noise from inside the corner cupboard. She picked up the sweeping brush from beside her. "Who is it" She asked in a voice only a small creature could hear. She opened the cupboard door. There sitting in the corner was... Alan I(the squirrel!) "Oh, it's you- what do you want?" She aske the squirrel and then picked him up and held him to her ear. "You've lost your nuts- again" She said to Alan's face, she then held him to her ear again. "Well- you can't expect me to find them, if you don't keep a note of where you've hidden your nuts!" Snow white said.

Suddenly, there was a knock at hye door. She put Alan down on the table and went to answer the door. "Hello?" Snow white asked. The door suddenly opened, there was a poor old woman standing on the doorstep. "Would you let a poor old woman sit in your kitchen for a drink?" The lady asked. "I'm not allowed to let in people I don't know!" Snow white replied. "Well, you could at least buy one of my apples- their just a penny each!" The old lady croaked on. "I'm not supposed to take things from creepy strangers either!" Snow white looked shocked at what she had just said. "Creepy?" The lady asked. Sounding apprehensive, Snow white answered "Did I say that out loud- I meant wholsome.. and wise." "That's ok then. So are you going to buy one of my apples?" The lady asked again.

"Yes, if you can show me it isn't poisoned!" Snow white said. "Why would it be poisoned, my precious?" "It all began when my mothe died shortly after I was born.."Snow white explained "yes,yes. We haven't got time for that now!" The old lady voice now sounded like one of a younger woman, Snow white took no notice and carried on "Will you try it then?" She looked at the woman "Of course dear" She said and then she took a bite of the apple." The queen waited for a moment and the passed Snow white the apple. They stood in an awkward silence for what seemed like hours.

"So" The Lady said "Well" Snow white said awkwardly."Are you going to have a bite!" The woman asked. "Um, well I've just had breakfast- so I'll have it later!" Snow white explained "If you eat it now, I'll let you have it for free!" The old woman sounded like a younger one again, It was strange but Snow white ignored it "Oh- I can't resist a bargain. Ummm, this is good.. food always taste better when its fres-aaaggghhh" Snow white choked on the apple. "sorry?" The strange woman began. " I said food always tastes better when it's fres-aaaggghhh"

Snow white fell to the ground. The stange woman walked towards her and took off her obviously false nose and took off the hooded cloak she was wearing. Underneath she was a complete different person. As the hood fell down, raven- coloured hair followed until it flew past her waist. Under the cloack she was wearing a black velvet dress that trailed across the floor. "Now I will be the fairest of them all" The she through her head back and laughed fits of echoing, manical laughter. She then left the house- not leaving any signs that she'd been there.

All had gone quiet.

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