The girl in blue.

I wander in NewYork,I hunt for evil,I'm free..



2. The fenris

I was making sure that the festival was going well when I saw a man taking a young girl into the forest,I picked up his scent on the air.Not good,I ran after him,nobody noticed me,I slowed and saw "him" encircling the girl,I saw the tatto on his wrist,an axe.


I felt my side,my weapon was there,I grabbed it and swung towards the man,he changed his muzzle grew long,his back twisted,he became a fenris.

I swung my sword again,his eyes flashed with a terror of reginition and then I drove it into his spine,I watched as he glared at me with hatred before bursting into shadows.


I look at the girl who was captive,my face then turned into a unacustomed scowl.I was looking at Scarlett March{Pinched from the book Sisters red!}I grabbed two knives and a hatchet as they flew towards me,Rosie March,my other sworn enemy came towards her sister.


They looked up and gulped,they knew me and they knew they was on MY teratory....

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