The girl in blue.

I wander in NewYork,I hunt for evil,I'm free..



3. Scars

My scowl turned into a snarl,I took a step towards these saddos who have disrespected me before.

"Why have you come here?"I snarl,anger giving tone to my voice.

"We chased the fenris here,if we didn't people would die."Rosie muttered,her voice wavering for fear of me.

"I didn't think you were still alive!"Scarlett screamed,her scars turning red.I felt a gut wrenching twist in my stomach,it was her who made this trouble in the first place,she left me for dead with wounds that were bleeding badly.

"Well guess what Scarlett,I'm prepared to forgive you for leaving me and I am prepared to let you into my terrartory." I snarled,tonight Scarlett would be forgiven,be made to feel guilty about what she made me into.


I showed her my place,a mansion,old Victorian style.The door was blue,I pushed it open and stepped into the hall with the floors of elder wood.I made them feel guilty,I gave them place in my home,I sharpened their equiptment and gave them a meal.


I lay in bed,listening to Scarletts deep breathing.I felt the wrench of pain,No,no not now!I thought as my back arched and twisted and my teeth became sharp white cainenines.....

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