The girl in blue.

I wander in NewYork,I hunt for evil,I'm free..



4. Change

My eyes snapped open,I looked at my hands,silvery white paws with claws.I groaned,as my tounge rolled over my teeth,I looked in the mirror.A fox like face stared back,my muzzel pulled back into a foxish grin.My eyes were a dark blue,hunger rumbled inside and I knew that if I did not eat,flesh would become the one thing on my mind.


I pushed open Rosie's bedroom door,I smelt her sweet flesh.The perfumes had not washed off,lightening flashed and I lunged.Rosie's scream penatraed my ears but my teeth kept baring with blood.


"Kit!!!"I yelped as the hatchet split my ribcage.I looked down and saw thick red blood trickle down,I snarled,my spine twisted back into shape and my teeth grew back.


I saw the expression on the March's faces as they saw me,a now human.

"I'll explain,just give me time..."Those words were croaked before I fainted from weakness.....

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