The Truth

There is a man on the loose killing inocent people, after the death he would cut off a body part and send it to the police with a note.


3. The Ripper

I went back to the station, and I had a note on my desk and it had a terrible smell. I opened it up and the first thing that I saw was a hand, it was moldy and blue. It was disgusting, but the weird thing was the hand was from the first women that had been murdered. So I had many thoughts going through my head, so we have a physco killer on loose killing young women. And he takes body parts from them and send them to people. The note that came with it said " dear who ever this may concern, do you like the lovely present I sent you? I also took something else a kidney yum yum. I fried then ate, it was very soft and chewy, I hope to get more from the ripper.

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