The Truth

There is a man on the loose killing inocent people, after the death he would cut off a body part and send it to the police with a note.


2. The Killer strickes again

So I asked the fellow officers to clean up the body, and the blood. I told him to make sure none of our clues get to the media what so ever "you need to make sure to keep this case confidental and know one can find out. so at the end of my duty I went home to tell my wife what happened but i told her not to tell the kids because they will get scared.

The next day the paper had arrived and the head story was "A girl aged 25 has died today at whitechapel street. the first thought that came to my head was that "another Murder and its a girl agian in her twenties. So I told my wife again about it and she was being to get scared and would not leave the house which was understandble. I arrived at the crime scene and the victim had the very same injurties as the on before her. She had Cut wounds across her neck. I asked the nearest officer some questions . "what time did she die" around midnight " how did she die" cut wounds to the neck WAIT hang on. The officer rolled up her shirt so that her stomach was visable. And there was a stich line from the top of her stomach right down her waist. I had know I idea what it was or what the killer had done.

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