The Truth

There is a man on the loose killing inocent people, after the death he would cut off a body part and send it to the police with a note.


1. The first Victim

Monday 10th june 1888, the gloomy sun rised in london, it was a chilly start to the day. I woke up went down stairs and got the newspaper from the front door, I was amazed at what i was reading a killer was rampaging the streets he killed a women in a horrible way. He slit her throat and then removed two organs which does not say what type. It was hard to read and take in, I told my wife and said " keep the kids at all times make sure they dont leave your sight". After that i went to work at my local police station i was a detective. My super Intendent told me I was going to go down to a crime where a women got stabbed, he brified me and it was the same girl that i saw in the paper this morning.


When I arrived at the scene it was disturbing and hard to look, the women was laying on the floor covered in blood and her right and was missing. I ran over to the police officer examning the body I asked him a couple questions. " officer Charles can you tell me how she died, yes I can see she dies of a cut wound across the neck and her right hand is missing. "what time she died. I cannot say all I can give you is that she was killed by knife wounds to her hand and neck.

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