Angel's downfall

Love was reserved for the humans, angels weren't supposed to feel. One felt, so he fell.


3. Rosemarie

Damen's P.O.V

I watched as Rosemarie walked into class with her friend, she was as beautiful as she was the last time i saw her, before i had fallen. Could that really have been a year ago? In any case her hair was still the same chocolaty brown but it was wavier and longer, in now rested down her back and ended at her waist. Rose still had those scorching green eyes that seemed to hold so many secrets. She was pale as snow, though living in England didn't really help with getting a tan I supposed. A hand clamped down on my shoulder.

"That's the girl you left heaven for." my oldest friend Gabriel asked, he was often confused with the angel Gabrielle. Honestly i found it quite funny. 

"yes, that would be Rosemarie." I said, not bothering to remind him i was exiled from heaven. Still i would rather live on the mortal plain with Rose than go a thousand years without her up in heaven. Maybe it didn't help that she didn't exactly know who i was because she had never met me but i wasn't focusing on that right now, she was here and now i could be wither her, besides I planned on fixing that little bump in the road. I turned to face Gabriel, he was looking at the doorway and nodding his head, obviously he didn't see the problem with whom i had chosen, just how i had chosen. I couldn't blame him though even if i did Love rose, i had basically committed the human equation of treason. 

"well, she certainly is amazing. Did you sense anything... interesting about her soul, it doest seem exactly human." Gabriel said and i growled at him. Why did he have to stick his nose where it didn't belong? Rosemarie was perfect, and whilst i may have picked up something different about her, it didn't matter to me. Gabriel took my warning to heart and stepped back. " i was just saying Dame." He defended quickly. 

"Yeah, well don't." i snapped before walking away and leaving a bewildered angel staring after me. 

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