Angel's downfall

Love was reserved for the humans, angels weren't supposed to feel. One felt, so he fell.


4. Flight

Rosemarie's P.O.V


The final bell rang, I was pleased that I understood everything. Molly complained how they were trying to melt our brains but I just laughed and soon she was laughing with me. I decided to go to the cliffs before I went home, I found that I felt most peaceful when I was there. I stopped the car just by the edge, last time I almost drove it off the cliff face. The wind brushed my hair out of my face in a caress. My hands brushed down over my dress and I smiled, this was the part of my life I kept to myself. I completely let all my muscles relax, and my wings grew out of my back. It was only painful for a short second and then it was completely amazing, they felt so strong and yet delicate, every time the wind brushed them it was pure bliss. With a running head start I jumped of the edge of the cliffs, I almost thought I heard someone yell my name but it didn't matter, I was flying and it felt like coming home after a long trip. I soured through the clouds, down by the water, up near the cliff edge. It felt exhilarating, I honestly didn't know what I was, not an angel because I was pretty sure I would remember that. Honestly at that moment, I just didn't care.

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