Angel's downfall

Love was reserved for the humans, angels weren't supposed to feel. One felt, so he fell.


2. First sight

Rose's P.O.V

Rain traced down the sides of my dad's car, it made tiny pattering noises against the rood and windows. Mum was sitting in the front with dad whilst I sat at the back with a huge smile plastered on my face. Today I would be starting college and I was glad, the summer always seemed to last an eternity since I never really did anything. Mum was smiling too, she had her hospital appointment today to see how the baby was doing, I think she was also having an ultrasound done but don't really remember. The college came into view and my smile widened, though that seemed impossible a few seconds ago. The building was large and white, the grass was in perfect condition and though seemingly dull to others I thought it was amazing. Dad let me out of the car and promised to tell me about mum's appointment when I got home later, that pleased me. I didn't even get to the door before my best friend molly grabbed hold of my arm and yanked me back, I turned on her with an annoyed look on my face. 

"Oh calm down Rose, I had to see you before first class!" Molly squealed and I forgave her, she was like my and loved school. I allowed her to lead me into the building and down the halls to wait by our first lesson that we shared, we were the only ones there naturally. Well, almost the only one's here. Not twenty feet from me stood the most gorgeous guy i had ever seen. He had rich honey toned hair and brown eyes that could make me swoon, I dared not do that with him so close. He kept his gaze on my and i found myself starting to breath heavily, what was wrong with me. 

"Molly, did we have to bring anything today, i didn't check the website." I sad as I turned away, desperate not to let the boy see the blush hat crept across my skin. When i glanced back the boy was gone. What in the name of god? I didn't have time to ask if Molly had noticed him before the bell rang and about a hundred students rushed into class, including Molly and I. I looked back one more time, yet the boy was nowhere to be seen. 

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