Angel's downfall

Love was reserved for the humans, angels weren't supposed to feel. One felt, so he fell.


1. Falling

Damen stood before his fellow angels, before the throne of heaven. This was the biggest crime that had been committed since Lucifer rebelled. An angel had fallen in love, with a human and the realm of heaven saw it as something that aught to be punished. Yet Damen could not see any evil, yes he had fallen in love with Rosemarie, she was beautiful and kind and just an amazing person. She was the beauty of the world and the light in a vast darkness, she was an angel in her own way.

"Damen, angel of mercy, you have committed an act against heaven. You fell in love with a human girl. Do you deny it?" The throne boomed, Damen thought about lying but decided against it, not because he couldn't like most human's though but because it didn't seem right, it would have felt as though he was betraying Rose. A sharp and quick shake of his head was answer enough for the angels. "Are you sorry you did this?" The throne asked. This was it, Damen could lie and still be allowed to stay on heaven, he could still watch Rosemarie from his home. All the angels knew this, so when he shook his head again they all gasped in utter astonishment. 

 "I cannot lie about my feelings, cast me out of heaven if you so deem worthy, I will never lose my love for Rosemarie, nor shall I ever be sorry for it." Damen said, not a hint of hesitation in his words. Mummers went around the group of angels, Damen watched as his closest friends begged him with their eyes to retract his answer but he simply shook his head no, it was too late and he didn't regret it.

"Then you have made your decision, the gates of heaven are no longer open to you." the throne said gently but with power laced into his tone. That was the last thong Damen remembered, before to began falling.

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