Loves Pain

Saria life was not how she wanted it to be. She did not have a mother, nor a sibling, nor a boyfriend. She did not have long wavy blonde hair nor did she have beautiful sun kissed skin. To her, she is anything but perfect. But to new Irish boy Kyle, she is his everything. Join Saria and Kyle on their traumatic journey through young innocent love.


2. Kyles Morning

Kyle was awoken by his cousin, Beth, at which felt like, very early in the morning. 'Kyle, she whispered, sticking her head around the door. 'It's half six, you should start getting up now.' Kyle groaned and pulled his pillow over his head. 'I'm heading to work now,' she continued. 'Your lunch money is on the kitchen island along with some change to buy yourself something on the way home from school, bye'. She closed the door shut and headed out for work. Kyle knew he had to get up sooner or later, if he fell asleep again he knew he would be late for the first day of his new school. He got up and pulled on a pair of loose fitting jeans along with a v-neck t-shirt. He grabbed his rain jacket just in case it got rainy during the day. He rain his fingers through his sandy blonde hair and sprayed some deodorant under his tee. He took the money off the island and grabbed a pack of gum for the walk to school. He threw his old battered school bag over the one shoulder and headed out to Rushmoore High School.



It was cool and breezy on the way to school. Kyle didn't really mind, he was used to the cold Irish climate. It was a good half hour walk to the school, he wanted to be early though, he wanted to make a good first impression at Rushmoore. It was a quite walk, no one was really up yet, apart from the milk man and the few early morning walkers. He liked it. He missed home and his mother so much, but he thought he might get used to it, just maybe.



The school was as Kyle had imagined. Big, old, cold, and no personality. It was looked like some haunted building from an american movie. It made him think about his school back in Ireland. It was small, cosy and full of life. He remembered all the craic he had with the lads in the last few years. It made him chuckle under his breath. He would be going into 4th year if he was still in Ireland. But he wasn't anymore, he was going into year 11, he had no idea what that ment, all he knew that he was going to be doing his GCSE's , which were some big exam or another. When he reached the school, he wanted to spend the first half hour or so finding out what classes he had first and where they were held.  He spent the second half hour walking around the long and cold school hallways, just to see where everything was. By the next half hour, people were starting to arrive. A girl with fluorescent red hair and scary black eyebrows came up to him. 'Hii how are ya?' she said in a strong accent. 'You must be da new boy rii?' 'Um, yeah', Kyle said. 'I'm Kyle, nice to meet you'. 'Awww mii gawd your accent is adorbs babe', she screeched. 'Mii names Alana by da way nice ta meet ya, do ya wanna meet da rest of yar classmates?' Kyle nodded, trying to hold in his laughter. Her accent sounded almost pushed. He followed her down a long corridor to a small, damp, dark classroom which many other students were in. Before he knew it he was surrounded by girls with high messy buns and guys with high gelled up hair. 


When the bell rung he sat down to the nearest desk. He thought that everyone might have cleared off then, but he was wrong. They kept questioning him about every single thing. All the girls looked the same, badly dyed hair, ambercombie & fitch hoodies, tight leggings and furry boots. They didn't seem too bad but he knew that he could never date one of them. All guys looked the same as well, dark spiky hair, spotty skin, dark hoodies and baggy tracksuits. They seemed quite alright to him, except the fact that he couldn't understand what they were saying half the time. As time went on, more and more students started to arrive. The classroom began to feel a lot less smaller with all the people that were crowding him. He was also worried class was never going to start, his teacher was extremely late. 'Hey,' he asked the closest girl to him. 'Where's our teacher? He's twenty minutes late!' 'Haa!' the girl replied. Mista Ryan is always late babes, it's nutin new'. Then right at that exact moment, someone let out a piercing scream.


He heard a loud thud behind him. He looked up at where he thought the scream had came from. A girl had her hands around her mouth and looked down at the ground in shock. He then turned to the ground. A girl was face flat down on the floor. Her face was hiding behind a curtain of dark wavy hair. He wasn't sure if she was unconscious or not. He bent down and shook her gently on the shoulder. She let out a quiet mumble. He took her hand and pulled her up from the ground. He took a firm grip of her hand, making sure she didn't fall back down again. 'Are you ok'? Kyle said trying to look her in the eye. He could still not see her face though, because her dark hair was on her face. She mumbled something back, rubbing her forehead. 'Why don't we take you to the nurse,eh?' Kyle quickly replied, as it was the only thing that came to mind.

The story will be told from Sarias perspective from now on. 

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