My Change

Sick of being ignored, 13 year old Janey gets a makeover and it changes everything about her school life! But there are some people that aren't as delighted with the results...
Want to know who? READ to find out ;D


4. What's next?

The exhaustion is overwhelming but under all my tiredness, adrenalin pumps through my body like some strong drug taking over my body. I feel great really. If I do this everyday for the next 2 weeks before I go back to school, it will definitely pay off! But now that I've got the body, I need the rest of it! But how am I supposed to afford hair, clothes, makeup? What can I do?


I really want to catch the bus back home, but desperation forces me to jog the 2 miles back, for my bodies sake.

When I finally collapse into the safety of the kitchen chair, I can barely stay awake. That's until I see the note on the fridge. 

It reads: Jane, I did get back off of that job today. Unfortunately, the office needs me for another shoot. I have left something in the fridge as an apology. Sorry I couldn't see you, but hopefully I'll be back Wednesday. Anyway, enjoy your present! Love, Mum xx

Mum's a fashion photographer. She's hardly ever home. I guess really it's my fault she has this job, because I once encouraged her to follow her dream and she did. And she's absolutely great at it. 

I cautiously open the fridge, wondering what on earth mum could of left me. Inside the side compartment I find a roll of £20 notes! Mum gets paid a LOT of dough for her job, so it really doesn't surprise me that it's money. I pull of the elastic band and spread the notes out on the table. When I finish counting the money, I am gobsmacked. I thought she'd leave enough for food and maybe a treat or two, but she has left me £1000!!


Money is no problem now. I can get those clothes tomorrow!

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