My Change

Sick of being ignored, 13 year old Janey gets a makeover and it changes everything about her school life! But there are some people that aren't as delighted with the results...
Want to know who? READ to find out ;D


2. The decision.

When I slam into my bedroom and flop onto my bed, Melody's earlier comment pops back into my head. I was in Science, looking dreamily at Daniel Roberts and Melody noticed and scoffed "Dream on, fatcakes. He'll never want you in a million years. You're too unfashionable."


I've never really thought about clothes or make-up before. And to be honest, I thought my green hair was pretty cool. I died it about a month ago and my teachers went ballistic and ever since I have been called emo or scene girl. It's not that bad, really.

But by fashion, I only usually wear tracksuit bottoms and hoodies. I'm not fussed. I never go out, so what's the point really? I do wear trousers at school and I'm practically the only girl that does, but why the hell should that even matter? As for Daniel Roberts, I can't exactly see him kissing a green haired girl with trousers on in the corridor without getting embarrassed. Not to mention my chubby build. 

That's when I realise what I have to do.

I have one week to do it in.

I have to get a makeover.

A whole new me.

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