My Change

Sick of being ignored, 13 year old Janey gets a makeover and it changes everything about her school life! But there are some people that aren't as delighted with the results...
Want to know who? READ to find out ;D


7. Reactions

The rest of the week flies by and before I know it, it's Monday. Day to show everyone the new me. Including Harvey. I haven't seen him since the day we broke up. Wonder what he'll think? Most importantly, I wonder what Daniel Roberts and Melody will think! ~~~~~~

With my skirt hitched up to a short but still respectable length, my hair straightened and 2 coats of mascara with some liquid eyeliner on my top lids, I think I have pulled it off.

I walk casually into the dining hall and hear several wolf whistles from boys that have never even noticed me before and several girls I once considered popular, glance at me enviously. The gym routine has DEFINITELY payed off and I also had a trip to the tanning salon. 

Harvey is sat in our usual spot in the corner of the dining hall. As I walk over to him, he glances at me nervously.  "Hey." I say casually.

"Um, can I help you? I wasn't aware that I was showing the new girl round."

New girl? No way! He doesn't even recognise me!

"It's me, Harvey!" He frowns and takes a moment to figure it out.

"Janey!" He gasps.

"What do you think?" I twirl and am awarded with another wolf whistle from a stranger behind me.

"You look fine." He says.

Fine? I've done all of this hard work.

"Great, you look great, Janey." He smiles.


"Damn right she does." Says a voice behind me.

I turn round to see Daniel Roberts eyeing me up and down approvingly.

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