My Change

Sick of being ignored, 13 year old Janey gets a makeover and it changes everything about her school life! But there are some people that aren't as delighted with the results...
Want to know who? READ to find out ;D


8. My new attitude.

Before I can allow myself to flood crimson, I say in what I hope is a seductive voice, "Why thank you, babe."

He winks at me and I feel faint.

"Janey, right?" He rests his arm on my shoulder. "I'm Daniel. But you can call me Danny." "Sure, hun." I grin at him and manage to turn around to mouth 'Oh my god!!!!!!!!!' at Harvey before Daniel, Danny, Daniel Roberts leads me off to period 1: English.


I slump down into my seat at the back and throw my bag under the table, drop my book onto the table and instantly start to twirl a lock of my newly dyed hair, as Daniel Roberts is looking my way and smiling. Smiling back, Polly Fletcher, the girl I sit next to and used to get along with says "Hello, new kid. I'm Polly. Um, someone kinda already sits there, though. Have you met her? Janey?"

"Polly, I AM Janey!" She gasps and waves her hands excitedly, some forced habit she has done ever since I met her in Year 7.

"You had a makeover!" She screeches.

Daniel Roberts is still looking over, so I try out my new attitude.

"Well done, brainless." I yawn.

I can see the hurt glowing in her calm, gentle blue eyes.

"Oh. Have you done the homework?" I can see 'Danny' smirking.

"That's any of your concern?" His grin broadens.

"S-sorry. I shouldn't of asked." I do feel really guilty, but if I want Daniel to like me, I need to act like he expects.

"No, you shouldn't, Wally Polly." And with that, I try to look as less interested in English as I can (even though it's my favourite subject), and receive several warnings from Mrs Goodly, making Daniel's smirk even bigger.


When I scrape my chair back and get ready to leave class, Mrs Goodly stops me at the doorway. "Janey, is something the matter? You don't appear to be as enthusiastic as usual..." 

"How can I be enthusiastic when English is the shittest thing in the history of subjects?"

The shock registers in her eyes and her face hardens in anger.

"Swearing are we? I believe that's an instant detention." She presses a yellow detention slip in my hand, throws me out of the room and stalks away.

I find Daniel waiting for me in the corridor, in bundles of laughter. 

"That was classic!" He yells and once again, puts his arm around my shoulder, just as Harvey walks out of his English class opposite, takes one look at us together and just walks away in silence, head lowered down.

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