My Change

Sick of being ignored, 13 year old Janey gets a makeover and it changes everything about her school life! But there are some people that aren't as delighted with the results...
Want to know who? READ to find out ;D


3. It begins.

The next morning, I reluctantly roll out of bed and stumble into the kitchen. When I'm about to put a chocolate croissant into the microwave, I remember. I'm getting a makeover. First thing to do, is to lose weight.

I grab a banana and a strawberry yoghurt from the fridge, and pour myself a small glass of milk. Carrying it carefully upstairs, I take a gulp of my milk and pull a gym bag from under my bed. It's been so long since it has been used (in fact, I don't think it has ever even BEEN used), it is caked in dust. So, after blowing the dust away, I pull out sound tracksuit bottoms and a sports bra, plus a fresh set of clothes and pack the fresh clothes along with a comb and a bottle of shampoo into the gym bag. After changing into the sports bra and trousers, I grab my mobile, my house key and the little money I have from my piggybank and run downstairs, lock the door and begin to jog the 2 miles to Swarmington Spa & Gymnasium. 

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