My Change

Sick of being ignored, 13 year old Janey gets a makeover and it changes everything about her school life! But there are some people that aren't as delighted with the results...
Want to know who? READ to find out ;D


6. Facebook

I throw all my bags onto my bed and sigh heavily. "All done." I say to apparently no one. 

I throw all of the expensive makeup into my dresser drawer and hang all of the clothes in my wardrobe, including the new school skirt that I bought from the Uniform Shop. 

There was also another expensive thing I bought, other than the iPhone 4S. I bought a MacBook! It was on offer so I thought, why not? After arranging all of my new clothes, shoes and make-up, I change into my pyjamas and climb into bed. Plugging in the MacBook charger, I press the 'on' button and the screen lights up. After lots of boring form filling and lying about reading conditions, the internet is finally connected and 'Google' is on my screen. Now that I have the MacBook, I have no idea what to do! I think hard. Everyone at school has that social networking site... what's it called again? Facebook! I type it in and it instantly appears on my screen. I create an e-mail address and after about half an hour, have finally set up my Facebook profile! I enter my basic information and interests and set my profile picture as a photograph that was taken a few weeks ago, so no one will know that I have had a makeover.  When I have finally finished on my profile, I type in Harley Quinn and find his profile is the 3rd one down. I click 'Send Friend Request.' It's only minutes before I get a notification saying that he's accepted it. I remember now, Harley's always on his computer! I click on 'Chat' and send him a message.

Janey: Hey Harls.

Harley: Janey! WTF happened? Did you get a computer or something? Janey: Yep, mum left some apology money so I went out and bought a computer. And, WTF?

Harley: Nevermind.. so, you added many people? Janey: Nope, just you.

Harley: Give me a sec.

A few minutes later I have about 89 notifications, all of them from Harley, recommending friends from school. I send a request to all of them. In about 15 mins, a couple of people have accepted my request, including Melody.

I get another notification. Melody's posted on my wall. This can't be good.

Melody Haven

Hey fatcakes. You only just got fb? Saddo. LOL


I just decide to ignore it. Wait until she sees me on Monday.

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