More than a story

Haley Cavendale's first English assignment in a new school is about Edward Scissorhands. A tale of love and loss, no more. But elements of the film soon become apparent in Haley's life when she befriends an outcast who shows her a different side to the story...


9. Relevance

It was a bleak Thursday morning, and I chewed on my pen as Mr Davenport droned about the meaning behind Edward Scissorhands again. An invented, joke of a guy falls in love with a human girl, but because he is an outcast they can't be together. Boo hoo, I thought cynically, and then I stopped. I glanced at Riley. I felt like the outcast in the bitter story of my life.

Maybe this film wasn't as irrelevant as I thought.

I paid attention a bit more in my English lessons now. I realised how much I felt like Edward. I didn't have scissor hands or something, but I was the 'new kid' in school who was a bit weird and didn't have many friends. I sit next to a girl called Maisie in maths who seems nice, and I always talk to Kim in geography, but apart from that I hadn't really spoken to anyone.

Except Riley. And Romeo. Riley had seemed sweet but soon turned sour. Romeo seemed sour but soon turned sweet. But he had warned me that I should be careful who I was friends with. Did he mean him? Or Riley?

I looked at Riley again. He winked at me, and I raised an eyebrow. He still hadn't apologised for what happened at Jades' house, and I was still annoyed.

The lesson ended, and I knew I had Science next. I slid into my chair and sighed. The seat beside me was vacant, always had been. Until someone from another class arrived and sat beside me. And that someone was called Romeo.

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