More than a story

Haley Cavendale's first English assignment in a new school is about Edward Scissorhands. A tale of love and loss, no more. But elements of the film soon become apparent in Haley's life when she befriends an outcast who shows her a different side to the story...


5. An Assignment from Hell

I was severely told off by Mr Davenport when I finally decided to go to English, but I didn't care. Thankfully, we wouldn't be watching more of Edward Scissorhands in this lesson, but we had to write a diary entry about how Edward would be feeling at this point in the story. I wish I hadn't turned up at all.

I scrawled the date down in my exercise book and chewed on my pen. I didn't have a clue what to write - I felt lost.


Words leapt into my mind. I began to write. I remembered the dreams, the fear, the feeling of being lost. How could it all be so relevant to this character though?

I wrote about a page. Beside me, Riley looked impressed - he had only scribbled down a few sentences. Mr Davenport decided he wanted to hear some diary entries. His eyes swiveled around the classroom before landing on me, sending a shiver down my spine.

"Miss Cavendale, would you care to read out your diary entry?"

"Not really," I murmured, and next to me, Riley smiled.

I stood up and began to speak. At first I tried to sound bored, but soon the intensity of the words took over. When I had finished, the class looked stunned, as did Mr Davenport. I felt stunned too. I despised English - surely I couldn't have written those words with such meaning?

"That was awesome," said Riley, smiling. I grinned back, but my head was spinning.

For the first time since enrolling, I felt worthy of being at Hawthorne High.

My elation soon faded as Mr Davenport set us homework. We had to write an essay with the person sitting next to us about Edward Scissorhands and the meaning behind the character. 

An essay about my least favourite film with a guy who I was falling for? It couldn't have got worse.

Except it did. An odd number of students in the class led Mr Davenport to the decision of giving me and Riley an addition to our group. A girl with red hair and green eyes. Before their hands joined I knew that this was his girlfriend. 

The misfit, the heart-throb and the beauty. There couldn't have been a more poisonous concoction.


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