twisted Hearts

In 21st century Japan lived a family of vampires. they lived a fairly quiet life while drinking human blood...
this story is about Karin, the eldest daughter of the vampires...


2. Can She Be...

"Mum! Dad!" I screamed, "I did it! I bit someone!" i continued dancing about. I was so jolly, my parents looked so proud that I finally did it... it was so many years ago, my first bite I remember it clearly, there was a boy I was going to faint, but he helped me... i couldn't hold it back that time so i just bit him, Carly came to me. "You're thinking about it aren't you?" Carly knew me too well for me to tell her I wasn't think about my first bite. I looked around my house, it was the same, no lights, no happiness just a clan of emotionless vampires, then i took a breath and asked: "Mother where is big brother Ren?" my mother looked shocked as I always used to hate him! "He's coming later to investigate you bloods affinity, you're becoming a real vampire!" I looked shocked, for once she complimented me without... OWWWWW! i thought too soon! My mother's famous slipper attack right across the face, I wiped off the blood stain and waited for Ren.

At that moment a bat flew in, "Welcome home Ren, so what is my bloods aff... whatever it's called!" Ren looked angry and he pulled my hair! I engaged a loud scream that shock the house... in a coffin at the bottom of the cellar the lock broke... That's how loud I was! Anyway... where was I? Oh Yeah!

"Let me go!" Ren gave it one last tug and then released my hair from his hands of doom! "So you actually care about your blood's affinity? well let's go!"

Ren and I walked along the dusty sidewalk, next to a police station stood a woman, "The same feeling" I whispered. Ren looked at me, "What do her and the man have in common, why did you have to bite him?" Ren pushed my nerves to the limit, I started to sweat with my brain overheating I shouted out loud "He seemed upset! YES! He was unhappy!" From a corner of the street Drake walked by, "She bit someone... Can She Be?"

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