twisted Hearts

In 21st century Japan lived a family of vampires. they lived a fairly quiet life while drinking human blood...
this story is about Karin, the eldest daughter of the vampires...


1. The New Student`

There i stood...

"How could I have forgotten?" I asked myself in total madness

"It's gym class! Hey Serena, who is that?" i asked my best friend,

"It's the new student,um... Drake, yeah that was his name!" Serena smiled. I nodded in agreement,  I pulled out my phone as i was bored sitting there all alone, suddenly Drake came to sit next to me in a flash my blood triggered my fangs grew out... i held it back and fainted.

"Miss! Karin has fainted!" Serena shouted in total shock. I awoke in the nurses office, I felt normal again so I decided to go back to class for clean up session, Seriously? i thought to myself. Drake sat right behind me? I slammed the door behind me and shouted: "I forgot I'm leaving early today!" as i ran out I felt weak again, "if I don't suck someone's blood soon..." I thought to myself 

"I will faint again..." i continued thinking, i saw a shadow in the distance, a human, he sat on a bench, I slowly moved towards him. He stood up, I reached out my hand and grabbed him but the neck... I sunk my fangs into him and sucked his blood! A young teen fell from the tree's and landed on the ground on her feet.

"Hi Carly" i said, Carly is my little sister, yep another vampire!



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