Far Away

For the Picture competition.Who is the girl Luke see's she beautiful yet so close but far away.


1. The Girl


I watch her with interest. She beautiful and elegant her rich auburn hair all combed and neat her eyes so childish that it reminds me of a baby just being born. The white dress clings to her slender body and I watch her gaze at the seagulls. I blink my eyes it feels that she is speaking to the seagulls with a language of their own. I walk out of my house and walk towards her quietly making sure not to disturb her; I see my footprints but not her's. I walk till I'm right behind her and take a deep breath.

"Hello” I ask. She looks at me then looks back.

"Come, see the seagulls” She whispers. I walk beside her and watch the seagulls then her. She smiles and whispers something.

"I'm Luke what's your name?” I ask.

"The seagulls are wonderful aren't they” She quietly whispers changing the topic. I see that she doesn't want to tell me her name.

"Where do you live I haven't seen anybody else who lives on this island” I ask.

"I live with them” She replies pointing at the seagulls. I look at her confused what did she mean that she lived with the seagulls.

"How do you live with the seagulls” I ask.

"The seagulls are my family and the Island is my soul” She mumbles her voice quite but pure.

"So, do you watch the seagulls every single day” I ask.

"Yes, I watch them with passion and interest every moment” she exclaims.

"What's your name?” I ask again my curiosity growing.

"Elanta"She whispers running off. I run behind her before she disappears. I walk back home to my dad and sit on the sofa thinking off the girl.

"Dad, did you know that a girl lives here on this Island and her name is Elanta"I exclaim. My dad looks at me stricken with worry.

"Luke,Elanta is the Island's name it was named after a girl called Elanta disappeared on this Island there have been sighting of her soul still on this Island” my dad replies. I look shocked so all this time I saw a ghost and fell in love with a ghost.

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