Dealers anonymous

Gary Swift a heartless drug dealer, who has spent his whole life in the hard world of hackney. Brought up on Gangs,drugs and violence he is considered royalty in this dark and unforgiving world. Always respected, never doubted by the youths who roam these streets.armed and unfraid.In a worlwind of events Gary has no choice but to realize this is not the life he wants and tries to leave, but once your in Hackney, you can't get out.


3. chapter two

Gary was unsure of what he had done, something had told him it was not right this was unlike him, he pushed the regret to the back of his mind and carried on regardless to his next client it was 4.30am, the sun breaking in the powdery grey sky and it was silent, desolate even a little cold. A baby’s screams could be heard contrasting with a heavy bass the noise was deafening even from the other side of the door. Gary knocked again louder this time until Natalie Smith appeared leaning on the door frame, she appeared lost.

Natalie was about 20, a mother of one and at first glance she looked dirty. Her hair was greasy, dyed blond-naturally dark, and it lay against her face like bits of wet straw, her clothes were never new, or clean they were always sweat pants and baggy tops and her hoops clattered as they hit the gold chunky necklaces that hung loosely around her frail neck she was pale and the huge purple bangs under her wide eyes dominated her face leaving four small purple bruises around her cheek bone to fade into the background. She was a mess but Gary knew that underneath it all she used to be pretty. Gary always had the ability to do that to see the good in people.


“Gary”!, Natalie swung her skeleton arms around his neck, her face began to glow with excitement as he handed her what she wanted, the dark brown powder stuck to the sides of the bag. For the second time tonight Gary’s conscience whimpered, once again he abruptly shut it out after all- she was one of his main clients, Suddenly Natalie turned around and screamed “JOHNNNNN “!  She screamed this and breathed heavily,

” shut that baby up john” a man ran past Natalie through the tiny hall and ran up the stairs and Gary got a glimpse and saw he was as run down as Natalie.

Natalie turned on her heel and walked over the small living area beckoning Gary to sit down she muted the music channel and went to get the £40 she owed Gary for her so called goods, he waited patiently watching the r’n’b legend slide about on the screen he was in a tricked out Chrysler girls in gold and silver bikinis around him caressing his toned black skin, Gary frowned as they began throwing money in the air  Gary felt the money from Matthew in his pocket and he sighed, he did need to stop this, he had enough money he was sure nearly 700  grand none of it spent he could buy a house for sure and maybe a car... Gary even thought of leaving the country something his brother had once talked about with Matthew, Gary thought back to that night.

Matthew and Michael sat in the bed-sit smoking some weed having some drinks and Gary just 17 sat on a small desk chair in the corner of the room, scrawling onto his notepad... Algebra, 5th level; Gary worked hard to keep his b average grades. Gary just happened to hear the conversation, Matthew had begun it and Matthew in his twenties was very clear minded and strong willed would never let drugs rule his life,

‘Mike....’  Michael looked up and set down his spliff on the nearby table,

‘Yeah kid’?

‘Do you think we should move?’

‘Out of London’? Michael sat up on the saggy sofa. He sounded intrigued,

‘Nah... Abroad just sack all this off. Leave it all behind everything, drugs EVERYTHING’

‘Oh Mattie my friend that’s the green talking’ there kid, us abroad? We wouldn’t last a day we’d smuggle too much through customs’... Michael laughed expecting Matthew too nod along inhale his spliff taste the potent amnesia haze and laugh about his ‘crazy ideas’ but instead Matthew sat back and looked out of the large window he sighed and put down his spliff ‘doesn’t matter blud’ he said his wide eyes still fixated on the large waste land outside of the window.. Gary turned back to do his work bothered by how hurt Matthew looked, Michael got up at this point and strolled pleasantly into the kitchen his phone ringing wildly – ‘business an shit’ he called into the front room. Michael took his time on the phone, his deep laugh rattled through the shy glass door Matthew seemed less than sure of himself, he had began to make another spliff, and then another and then another all the while looking up back to the wasteland. Gary knew he was troubled, even back then.


Natalie came back it was clear she’d taken the opportunity to use her newly acquired drugs so barely standing she waved bye to Gary giving him the forty as he went he could still hear the baby crying and he stood at the door watching Natalie lie down on the sofa and she began muttering words in a post- heroin daze Gary slammed the door behind him angry with himself and he decided it was official he was quitting dealing. For good.

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