Dealers anonymous

Gary Swift a heartless drug dealer, who has spent his whole life in the hard world of hackney. Brought up on Gangs,drugs and violence he is considered royalty in this dark and unforgiving world. Always respected, never doubted by the youths who roam these streets.armed and unfraid.In a worlwind of events Gary has no choice but to realize this is not the life he wants and tries to leave, but once your in Hackney, you can't get out.


11. chapter ten

Pc Lucy Jensen walked through her front door at 5 to 9 that night, she was carrying three large files that all contained case study’s on the main dealers in hackney, and the heads of the ever growing gangs that seemed to be on every street corner. As she walked in a Childs toy car was on the floor and she tripped managing to drop every single piece of paper that she had been clutching onto so tightly -scared of rearranging them all, she almost swore as she fell something she would never do and reached out for her now throbbing wrist.

She sat up on the hard wood floors that her fiancé Richard spent so long laying down on the once carpeted hall. She looked around at the mess that she seemed to be lying in the middle of, four a4 size pictures that had been carefully laminated with case notes written all over the backs of them faced her; there was Tommy – Tommy smith, Tommy Haines- Tommy masie? The first page was a clear description

‘ Black and officially unemployed. He has no visible means of support but drives an expensive BMW, wears designer clothes and always carries ready cash. His pride and joy is a black 9mm Browning semi-automatic handgun.

With a string of convictions behind him, Tommy is well known among certain sections of the community in hackney, and of considerable interest to the police.

He is suspected of a series of shootings stretching back almost 10 years but no one seems to know his real identity, Tommy who was originally from brazil, has almost no trace of an foreign accent or even a real cockney accent, according to witness statements and from police traced phone calls Tommy talks properly, Tommy knows he’s being watched’

Lucy knew Tommy reveled in it.

The next picture was of Michael swift, he had gone missing in the 90’s and had never resurfaced, and officers went all over London looking for him as if he was found he would be going down for many years. The police were also made aware that they weren’t the only ones looking for him, he had connections to other dealers who he owed massive amounts of money too, thinking back Lucy had questioned him when she was first starting out, he had been so charming so well dressed, and he had the most beautiful facial features such a defined jaw and piercing eyes that had remained set on Lucy from the moment she began to speak, he had touched her hand so lightly with the metal cuffs clinking against the table in questioning room b, he had denied everything so politely and she had nodded along, and made notes every so often, she let him go, watching him walk over to his sports car with a beautiful woman sitting inside, he threw a contact card out of the car – a contact card Lucy had given him. For some reason this had brought Lucy back down to earth after having been put under the manipulative spell of Michael swift she had woken up And learnt.michael was just a disadvantaged youngster in hackney.  Dealing in Class A drugs by the age of 21, using extreme violence on this victims and he lived, and possibly died, by the gun,

The third picture that lay on Lucy’s hardwood floor, was a recognizable face, his case file lay so calmly next to it. Yellow post it notes all over the first three pages filled with notes about character judgment and past crime history, she stared at it for so long her eyes began to feel dry, she reached for it the photo at first and then she pulled the folder closer too – the crisp brown paper covered the back and front of the folder and made a crunchy sound as her fingers grasped for it, the studied the photo again – Michael swifts younger brother- Gary, he was more successful and more respected

Than Michael had ever been, he was smarter too.                                           

Arched eyebrows- thick and dark, they matched his eyes, Gary’s eyes were also a copy of Michaels, they were both piercing and dark  yet Gary’s had that welcoming stare to them that was so rare to find, she rubbed at her checkered neck tie and squinted, the man that she had been speaking so closely to for the last 2 weeks was there on a still photo in front of her, she touched his full lips that were so unusually red for a man, his cheeks that were hollow and when he frowned the hollow dropped so deep and defined  his structured jaw line, she compared his photo to Michael’s they looked so similar it was slightly haunting, Gary had a look of compassion about him he looked as if  you helped him he wouldn’t forget about it, he’d remember and return the favour at any opportunity, the photo itself was just an undercover police snapshot, he was out with another criminal at the time, but Gary still had a warm smile on his face – in hackney this made him look vulnerable, Michael’s was also a police snapshot, he’d had his arm around a girls waist half of her head was in the shot were she’d leant on his broad shoulder, his face was far from loving or compassionate, infact he looked angry and spiteful,- violent. Michael didn’t care about anything but himself his money and his drugs and that was obvious in the photo the way the gun was so obviously sticking out of his pocket in such a style that said’ I have a gun, and I will use it’ the wad of cash that was a box like shape in his breast pocket that showed everyone he had money, even the girl was part of it all – the illusion of the gangster he so longed to be, but never quite made it, even the pit-bull snarl that made him look so fierce didn’t work on the big boss’s, the ones that wanted his blood on their hands that wanted to kill and rob him for all the stupidly planned drug exchanges, and the ever growing debts that he built up around him. Lucy pulled herself up from the floor and gathered the papers that were scattered around, Richard was in the conservatory she wondered why there was a Childs toy in the hall – the whole reason she had fallen, she readjusted the scarf back around her neck left the folders in their now gathered pile on the floor, and walked through the large house into the conservatory. The house was a modern take on a classic old house, large ceilings and candle holders going up the stairs with an eerie feel to the drafty hallway and large landing area, only two bedrooms, 3 bedroom, a large living area and an open kitchen area with a breakfast bar and dining table for when they had friends over.  The conservatory was a recent addition to the already large house and Richard had really found it a great place to write, he was a writer, not so successful as j.k but his books were still popular, Lucy called through she expected him to be writing , as usual but he was holding a child she looked slightly horrified and extremely confused Richard was bobbing the baby up and down on his lap, ‘ Richard ?  who’s child is that?’ Richard looked at his fiancé he was looked straight into her eyes, they were wide, she looked appalled that he was holding a child, she hated children, or so she said to him. ‘ Calm down Lucy it’s just James & Mary’s son, I said we’d babysit him tonight.. ‘ he gave her a small frown ‘your home late’ Lucy breathed in and calmed herself down she didn’t know why she’d gotten so frightened over a child, she was used to dealing with criminals, but the prospect of being a mother was a terrifying thing for Lucy to face. ‘Yeah, I’ve been given a large case... I had to do a lot of paperwork before I could leave… hassle I know’. Lucy always found herself adapting her voice infront of Richard, more upper-class and more flow to the way she spoke.. She also realized she’d just lied to him, something that was becoming a frequent thing to her  just white lies she told herself but she knew it wasn’t just that she knew she wasn’t happy with Richard and  never had been, a chance meeting at a function had brought them together and once her family had found out his heritage they were intrigued and pushed Lucy into going on a date with Richard, she had of course obliged, she wouldn’t say no to her mother and father who only wanted the best for her considering her father’s own success in the industry.

Richard nodded, he seemed to push away his fiancé’s lie as he knew that an argument with her was pointless he was carrying the baby on his hip and ruffled its hair, it had a thick head of hair for a 10 month old child, Richard loved it. He loved children and wanted four; two girls two boys, a perfect nuclear family in Richards eyes, he noticed the pile of documents on their hallway floor and squinted at the names on the sides of the folders. None were recognizable.. ‘Gary Swift’, ‘Michael Swift’ a few more.. all nobody’s a chief inspector and a respected author didn’t need these people in their life’s, even their useless names made Richard shake his head, Lucy’s carreer choice was despised by Richard.. he hated it. Not only was she constantly busy but she was constantly dealing with no mark criminals, always playing on her mind. She was a fresh faced girl from suburban London.. she was pure, she shouldn’t be dealing with ugly minded criminals 24/7, once they were married however Richard knew it would be a different story

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