Dealers anonymous

Gary Swift a heartless drug dealer, who has spent his whole life in the hard world of hackney. Brought up on Gangs,drugs and violence he is considered royalty in this dark and unforgiving world. Always respected, never doubted by the youths who roam these streets.armed and unfraid.In a worlwind of events Gary has no choice but to realize this is not the life he wants and tries to leave, but once your in Hackney, you can't get out.


7. chapter six

Today was the day that Gary was going to sort out his scrambled life. Gary was walking down hackney main bypass and unfortunately Gary’s sleeping habits had surpassed him and as usual he was up at 3.00am on the dot. Gary came to a block of council flats and waited. He could smell something revolting lingering in the air and could hear a group of loudmouthed children shouting in the street, one threw a hefty brick at a tramp it missed but they still high fived eager to see someone else in pain. The tallest swaggered over to Gary, Gary knew this was Sophie Tray’s kid, he was 12 and she had had him when she was around that age herself, and instead of attempting to make a decent life for them both, she went out, got high and left Kieran to do what he wanted.

‘EY MISTA’, he stood in front of Gary waiting for a reply. ‘EY MISTA’! The kid shouted and Gary finally acknowledged him and looked down. ‘What is it kid’? Kieran looked shocked

‘I aint a fuckin’ kid”, he cried “listen you got any e’s anyway “? Gary nodded slightly bemused, the child wanted ecstasy tablets, quite a unpredictable drug and gary knew he had to go straight and selling e’s to a 12 year old was not the way to go, and luckily for Gary the guy he was waiting for arrived only a respectable 3 minutes late.

“Piss off kid” Tommy Maze sneered at the 12 year old. Tommy Maze was a big black fellow, not overweight- but big. At 6’6 if he told you to piss off you would do it. The kid was defiant though, “I don’t think so you fucking nigger” Gary gulped and his fist tightened in his pocket – he wasn’t angry he was just worried- for the kid, what was that kid thinking? Was he an idiot? Yes. He was a racist idiot. Tommy Maze didn’t move except for bending down to Kieran’s level.


”What’s your name boy”?                                                                       Kieran, now aware Gary, his friends, the tramp, and the woman in flat 24 were all listening he decided to be even more defiant “What’s it to you... NIGGER”? Gary stepped back a little and the woman slammed her window shut knowing what was going to happen next, and Tommy Maze laughed, a hearty laugh that echoed around the street and without warning pulled out 9mm Browning semi-automatic handgun and pressed it against the kids forehead and whispered in his ear just about loud enough so Gary could hear “You gonna piss off now boy”? Kieran’s eyes flashed with fear and he nodded and ran towards his friends who were all already running down the street.

Tommy turned to Gary putting his vicious handgun in his left pocket he smiled at Gary looked straight into his deep green eyes and said the following line “ wherever I go Gary. Whatever I do. I have the fucking gun with me” Gary nodded as if Tommy Maze was saying the most important thing in the world, Tommy smiled again this time bearing his gleaming white teeth “ kids ey” ?  He laughed once more before leaning back on the wall and lighting a cigarette “I heard about Krine Gary. Musta been hard for you yeah”? Gary leaned against the wall as well and felt the hard cold  bricks against his back, he didn’t say anything he just frowned and lit his own cigarette... no one spoke for at least 10 seconds until “ey Tommy”, Tommy looked up and turned to Gary,” yeah gaz”

“I think I’m going to quite dealing”, Tommy Maze dropped his cigarette and stamped on it fiercely Gary panicked and Tommy spoke” why might this be gaz, cos’ you know if its guilt then you can fuck right off because well, guilt is for dicks and women” Tommy Maze spat on the floor and Gary began the line he had quickly planned in his mind “right well it’s my fault Matthew died isn’t it. It really is and you can’t say it isn’t because I gave him the fucking drugs Tommy!” and with this Gary swift pulled himself of the wall dropped his cigarette and stood there with a look of impending doubt on his worried face, Tommy’s expression changed and he stepped towards Gary spitting once more to the side, “so what your saying is your not selling anything else again Gary”? Gary squinted his eyes as a light shone from a flat opposite him and he stepped even closer to Tommy and in his calmest tone he began to speak

“Well Tommy, no I’m not dealing anymore and no matter what you do to me it won’t make me change my mind “and although Gary sounded tough his hands trembled and his heart pounded like a hammer in his chest. But too Gary’s surprise (and the tramp sitting behind the bins watching the whole thing unfold) Tommy Maze stepped back and laughed, for the third time that evening “that’s fine blud. But you  just made yourself number one victim in hackney” and with that Tommy Maze walked away shouting as he went ‘REST IN PEACE MOTHER FUCKER’ and the tramp nodded in agreement.


Gary felt very depressed and more isolated than a castaway on a deserted island, his life was falling to pieces before his eyes, his house was a wreck, he had no family and he felt so worn out from everything, and his only friends were in it for the drugs. Gary looked at his phone it was ten past four in the morning so Gary just sat down on a door step of an abandoned house, pulled his  close, his fleecy gloves and his hat down carefully, he didn’t want anyone to see him, he wanted to think but unfortunately for Gary he was about to be officially recognized. Gary was about to realize how much respect he’d lost in less than ten minutes.

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