Dealers anonymous

Gary Swift a heartless drug dealer, who has spent his whole life in the hard world of hackney. Brought up on Gangs,drugs and violence he is considered royalty in this dark and unforgiving world. Always respected, never doubted by the youths who roam these streets.armed and unfraid.In a worlwind of events Gary has no choice but to realize this is not the life he wants and tries to leave, but once your in Hackney, you can't get out.


5. chapter four

Gary walked down the tiny pathway to Alice Street and passed a giant wall of graffiti he stared for a few minutes letting his mind wander, Gary had been to London once when he was little and he had seen a massive wall, bigger than this one opposite a trendy boutique, Gary thought it was pure beauty, he was only 8 but the coloured drawings and vibrant swirls of deep reds spoke to Gary, to Gary that large block of vandalism was a beautiful piece of art, but as he focused back on the graffiti infront of him, he couldn’t help but think it was a horrible, scribbled, abusive mess.  


He  continued down the path until he reached Matthews house, number 7 and strolled inside, he didn’t need to use his key the door was slightly ajar something Gary didn’t notice until slightly later on,

“Alright Mattie am gonna make us up a decent fry up then have a ciggie you want one “? Gary called this out breezily it was something he shouted upstairs near enough every morning as Matthew had become unable to cook, but on this warm spring morning there was no answer. The hole house was silent, no slight movement no coughing or muttering. Something had gone horribly wrong.

Gary looked around, and moved out of the small hallway he noticed the place was a complete mess the carpet in the front room had been soaked with what looked like  blood mixed with sick, so almost definitely had been coughed up by Matthew every single knife had been pulled out of the kitchen drawers  and for every knife that lay asymmetrical on the ground a piece of hard, moldy bread lay next to it- to Gary this was a sign of a ‘bad trip’ Matthew had obviously mixed the drugs, and began to hallucinate during the hallucination he had foreseen himself being attacked by something or as his paranoia kicked in he thought something or someone was in the house, in a drug fuelled state Matthew had blatantly set up what he thought was a commendable ‘ trap’

Gary walked out unsure of what to do, there was mashed up food all over the stairway so Gary slowly walked upstairs doing his best to avoid the rancid mess,he walked straight into Matthews room desperately looking for him, he pulled back the stained bed covers in absolute panic but the bed was empty, he slowly stepped backward away from the room his eyes scanning the room again and again he knew something was so wrong, he ran into the spare room were the tv had been left on, the local news channel 1.


Gary never watched the news but sat down his eyes red with desperation like bambi as he watched his mother die, wide eyed innocent, and confused.

They were talking about a body being found in the church yard, somebody had tried to commit suicide of the local churches’ roof, his face had been badly damaged in the fall, and afterwards there were signs of a drug induced fit. Gary fazed out what the news reader was saying – describing details of a death that seemed so obviously sinister to Gary. He knew it was Matthew, no autopsy had been done, no wallet present, no i.d... but he knew.

Gary switched it off so it was calm and silent and rested his head in his hands he fought back the anger that he felt towards himself and collectedly walked downstairs but as soon as he stepped on to Alice streets cobbled pathway he ran, he ran faster than he’d ran before taking the shortest route he knew to the church

He passed a gang of kids on the way on BMX’s they shouted his name but Gary just kept running, he ran and he ran and he ran. But suddenly the gate was there. In front of him the small rusting dark green gate to the church yard, crime scene investigation tape everywhere, the yellowness blurry and bright police lights in Gary’s blood shot eyes, a police man was removing a white mouth mask, holding a note pad and slowly walking away from the crime scene.

To Gary this was an opportunity he ripped through the crime scene investigation tape and grabbed the police mans arm. The police man pulled away and snapped his notepad shut frowning at Gary suspiciously. “Who are you “? Gary panted out his name and leaned over resting on the gate and breathed heavily until he caught his breath again, “I’m here to see the body. I can identify it… I think’

The policeman stood back on his heels and frowned, “this is a closed area Mr. swift”.

“Let me see it, he’s my”... Gary trailed off “best friend”

“The police man took in everything about Gary, his clothes his facial features, the words he was saying didn’t really matter, he could be lying... The policeman couldn’t think of a motive or a crime to do with identifying a dead body though.

“He’s all I have and I can’t” Gary didn’t know what else to say, his best friend was potentially dead. That’s enough information for Gary’s mind to cope with.

The police officer nodded “well Mr. Swift we must say were relieved because no one had claimed the body and no one was reported missing of his description... Did you know the victim was a heavy drug user “? Gary realized he was sweating profusely

“No I didn’t know “, the guilt stung like acid on a wound but Gary remained silent, The police officer broke the silence “well  Mr. swift I am very sorry that I was the one who had to inform you this” Gary nodded dumbly his legs fixed to the ground were he stood. The police officer placed his large hand on Gary’s shoulder and tutted “you know if there’s anything I can do?” Gary nodded again a little more eager and spoke up “ you could take me too see him” he said in a meek voice the police officer nodded immediately, “of-course of course “ he began searching for his car keys and gestured for Gary too  follow him to his parked car.

They reached the morgue in a little over 30 minutes; it was positioned in the centre of hackney and was a very busy place apparently. On the way over there Gary had learnt 3 things.

1.    The police mans name was Stephen fry (like the actor/comedian/presenter)

2. He was married and had two sons

3.    He hated drugs and dealers and no longer lived in hackney after having his home destroyed by a gang, who’s leader had been arrested.

When he said that it had made Gary feel uncomfortable it had made him feel guilty in a strange way.


They reached the morgue there were so many steps to get into the front and 7 Hurst’s parked at the side of the decrepit building; Stephen patted Gary on the back and pointed to the door, “This way Gary”

Gary nodded and silently walked up the steps following the policeman and went through the doorway holding his breath – he didn’t know what to expect in Gary’s mind a morgue would be a place with dead bodies piled on top of each other in every corner of the dark room and people dressed in black crying, but as he walked in he saw how wrong he was nothing but a few sofas a reception desk and lots of different doors with weird names on.

Gary couldn’t help but think that death hung in the air as, he watched the police officer give in Matthew’s details. The woman behind the counter eyed up Gary as if she recognized him and she led them to a room called 52b post autopsy check- unidentified, he found it weird as the woman from reception didn’t seem to know were she was going, they passed through a room with a table that had somebody cut open on it a man in a white jacket was holding what looked like a tiny Stanley knife, he held up his hand and his assistant quickly scrawled onto a large notepad Gary fought back the sick rising up his throat and they arrived in a corridor at the back of the building, the room name was ‘unidentified’ the woman passed him and Stephen a mouth mask  and fixed one upon herself too, the white wash walls all around made Gary feel dizzy and bright slits of light came from underneath the ‘unidentified’ entrance door.

The woman stopped Gary and the police officer, Stephen stepped back and pretended to study the road outside of the window. The woman who according to her name tag was called Lucy stepped forward “are you Gary Swift? “ She smiled her tone placid


“Was the victim your best friend?”


“okay enter through here” She tightened her hair bun and looked straight into Gary's eyes, he studied her for a moment looking her up and down carefully, she was wearing expensive looking black heels and a black pencil skirt and a loose white shirt. she had a beautiful soft voice Gary pulled himself up off the bench and held out his hand to help Lucy up, “I need to see him” she squeezed his hand which she was still holding, they pulled away from each other embarrassed and as she unlocked the door with a small silver key she lifted her mouth mask back up and beckoned for Gary to follow her, he gulped as they walked over to the body.. ‘I did this to him’ he thought his head turned as the door slammed and the police officer walked in he nodded and stood at the door taking off his hat and holding it in front of his chest and he paired it with a sympathetic head tilt, Lucy put on her plastic gloves and pulled back the white sheet reaching for the clipboard underneath the bed, and as she stepped back Gary recoiled in horror.

Matthews face was distorted and pale and his naked body reeked, and the dried up blood on his smashed up calves almost glittered under the harsh white lights. Gary had never seen anything like it in his life and he couldn’t help but cry out ripping off the mouth mask and felt the salty tears roll onto his dry lips, Gary had seen dead bodies, he had seen at least 20 he was sure... some in the most disgusting states you could imagine, but this was different the emptiness inside Gary  was being filled with a big black cloud of absolute horror and anguish, every time he looked back at the body he could hear the thud of Matthew jumping of the church roof and his body hitting the ground, he could see the insane panic of Matthew clutching the knifes and the precision he had put into the ‘trap’ in his house.. Gary shook his head and turned around breathing slowly and averted his mind away from the horror that lay in front of him. He couldn’t look anymore, and then the choice of looking was taken away as Gary’s eyes blurred, his head span and before he knew it he wasn’t at the morgue anymore.

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