Dealers anonymous

Gary Swift a heartless drug dealer, who has spent his whole life in the hard world of hackney. Brought up on Gangs,drugs and violence he is considered royalty in this dark and unforgiving world. Always respected, never doubted by the youths who roam these streets.armed and unfraid.In a worlwind of events Gary has no choice but to realize this is not the life he wants and tries to leave, but once your in Hackney, you can't get out.


9. chapter eight


It was Thursday and 11am.Gary had been packing up boxes for the last 5 days, since his attack Gary had not the left the house and had boarded up his broken windows, it had been 9 days now, and Gary had been healing very quickly his arms had been very numb over the last few days and Gary had treated them the best he could using home remedies Matthew had taught him years ago. Gary had no choice but to stay in hackney – his passport had been stolen and he had no car, not only that but Matthews funeral was in two weeks, he couldn’t leave hackney. Gary had packed nine bin bags of what Gary labeled ’ useless shit’, and sat up pulling himself onto his old bed and checked his phone two voicemail’s one from Matthew left a week ago,                                                                        ‘ Gaz! How are you kid? We need to meek, met, meet up! Hahaha listen to me getting my words muddled, miss you gaz even go I saw you an hour ago ha-ha love you blud you crazy kid oh and you owe me some goods ‘! Matthew laughed once more before the receiver made a small beep noise, a noise that signaled Matthew had hung up, Gary pressed number five, the message had been saved, he had another message left yesterday and quarter past four, ‘Gary its Lucy here, listen I know you’ll be wondering how I got your number its in our database from when you signed the papers.. you didn’t call me so I thought I would call you, erm I really..’ she paused and gary heard the TV in the background “I really liked you Gary I know I sound ridiculas I mean I knew you a day! But... Would you like to go out some time, not in hackney though, I live in London so maybe we could go there if you wanted... Call me back thanks, bye’ the receiver once again beeped and Gary called the number back, Lucy answered after three rings

‘Hey Gary’                                                                                                       ‘hi... I got your message, yeah I’m fine’ Gary looked at his legs wrapped up in homemade bandages and felt his limp arms... ‘I’m fine. Are you’?                                                                            ‘Yeah thank you, you know I didn’t expect you to call! Ha-ha, I’m glad you did though Gary, erm what are you doing on Saturday”?                                                                                         “Nothing’ Gary sniffed                                                                                                      “Let’s go out, erm somewhere nice, for a meal... Or something “  

Gary sighed, oh why was she interested in him he had no job and no life. ‘Yeah that’s sounds... Good erm nice its sounds nice’

How awkward Gary thought, Lucy however seemed placid and her tones were rich with excitement, she must really like me Gary thought

‘Well Gary I’ll call you this week.                          ‘

Erm yeah ‘great’... ‘Bye Lucy’

‘Bye Gary’

The line went dead and Gary pulled the receiver away and sat in silence for a moment, a big smile spread across Gary’s bruised face hurting his smashed up cheek bone… he needed a suit, it might sound extravagant but Gary actually wanted to show of his money slightly..  He already knew that were they would be going would not be the local hackney diner.


Gary slipped his head through a hoodie and a cap changing his mind twice before pulling on a completely black north face cap underneath his hoodie making sure his hood firmly covered the outline of his face he put on some baggy jeans he’d never worn fixed with a black belt and black lacoste trainers – he’d bought them from Spain five years ago, his top was old and a shade of faded navy also baggy and not really worn, his jacket was another lacoste number; also black and Gary now happy with his appearance kicked through the boarded up window at the back of his bed-sit and slowly ripped off the large pieces of wood using all of his strength as it was extremely stiff, Gary jumped out of the window and began making his way through the waste land, he reached Alice street unrecognized but saw a few gangs that could have easily started on him, but Gary knew he couldn’t allow himself to get so heavily injured again .

No one had any respect left for Gary, he had been labeled as many things a grass, a snake, a backstabber, a coward; all this added to a large dose of embarrassment from getting beat up by a group of ‘wannabes’ made Gary Swift an outcast. He reached the long twisting road that led up to the station and slowed down a little, his pace had been hurried and speedy but he needed a break, he paused for a moment gazing around it was so quiet a young mother strolled past with her toddler her eyes quickly averted away from Gary as she caught sight of him Gary stepped of the kerb and continued to scope, no one. Nothing. He told himself he was just paranoid it seemed to give him some reassurance until the billboard next to him shook. A horrendous shake that made a clamorous whoosh sound as bullets hit the thick paper on which a woman was eating a fromage yogurt; it all went silent in Gary’s mind as he realized what was going on.

Opposite Gary, 4 men dressed in black stood threateningly on the roof of the convenience store they were each holding a gun, a 45 cal glock, a 9mm semi automatic hand gun, and another hand gun – Gary’s gun... the glock, the glock dean had stolen out of Gary’s pocket when he was being attacked, so b.r.u.t.a.l were behind this ‘siege’ Gary was on to it  almost immediately- the running away that is, running and running and running rapid gun shots now deafening his ears closed in around him.



Reaching the train station he got on the next train. Trains like buses in hackney they came fast and they were always regular, a good thing.

Lucy had called at 11am it was now past 12 and Gary was looking for a place on the train an old woman moved away and another pulled her son close to her Gary pulled down the hood and took off his cap, he then ran his fingers across his jaw line, it had a few lumped bruises and they stung  when he felt the lightest touch against them, he gave a bright smile at the woman who at once frowned he didn’t blame her, Gary was dressed in head to toe black his face was neatly cut in several places and when the light shone through the window his eye looked purple and yellow  he lowered his head a little. Soon A voice came on the intercom next stop soho.’ The man paused’ convent station’... ahh  Gary’s stop ,Gary slowly unzipped his coat reached in and grabbed his wallet he counted carefully and did some quick math, he had £600 to spend on a suit some jeans and shoes, Gary knew exactly what he was looking for…After getting lost in his thoughts for a good 15 minutes the train arrived at convent station he stepped onto the bustling platform and searched his pockets for the map of London he was given free at Heathrow airport last year Gary folded out the crumpled map and squinted at the places and street names scattered across the page, according to the map convent garden wasn’t far away at-all, so feeling like a confused tourist Gary wandered down the street the map spread between his open arms, he half expected people to stop and stare at the scally with the map but no-one did and eventually after asking and old cockney man – bemused by Gary’s sheer confusion, Gary finally knew which way to go, without using his free map that is.

Five minutes later in the middle of convent garden Gary was overwhelmed by the hassled shoppers that flew around shop after shop taking breaks in the  coffee shops dotted around the square, some were angry obviously at the amount of people and noise, were as some drifted past careful not to knock into the other shoppers looking at their watch – with a calm expression on their face… as if they had all the time in the world.

Gary knew he did, he knew he could do whatever he wanted outside of hackney outside of the mess he had created.

Gary used to see his life in his dreams what he saw always disturbed him, he was walking down a large black tunnel with endless dark infront and behind him his brothers cold hands rested upon Gary’s shoulders and Matthew would never be far behind but in his head Matthew was the 18 year old who dabbled in drugs but would never be an addict, Matthew was smart and funny and after Michaels death he was the one picking up the pieces, but although Matthew was young and sober Gary was withered and confused and saw his life pass him by, what scared Gary the most was he still had this dream even after Matthews death and after his own attack. “Anything else”?

The waitress leaned across the table and grabbed the empty coffee cup. Gary smiled and shook his head politely- his mother had always taught him manners

‘Nah, no thanks love... But can you tell me where the nearest – oh nearest DECENT suit shop is’? The waitress smiled.

‘Getting married?’ she enquired,

Gary frowned and blushed slightly ‘no…’ the waitress smiled again and reached out for her notepad,’ okay well not round here, your best going to oxford street that’s if you want prada, Armani that sort’ she quickly scrawled a small map down and ripped of the page Gary noticed she’d given him her number as well he looked up eyebrows raised,

‘Incase you get lost’...  She winked and Gary shook his head

‘Right okay love’, and with that he left

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