What If?

This is a story about Sophie. She had a brother but she got adopted. Will her brother be living next door or is it just a big mistake. Read to find out, hope you like it xx

P.S. This is Summer Paradise I just changed the title


5. What?

I decided to sit down at a table for a bit and wait for him to come out. I was staring at the door not looking away when I swear it moved a bit. Before I knew it there was a red face peering around the door at me. I locked my eyes to his. He ran out of the loos and down the stairs and I was on his back. He ran through the high street looking around every so often

"Stop that kid" I shout as loud as I possibly could hoping someone will hear me. He ran into a man and it must've been a friend because he started to run with him. I stopped running, tears filling my eyes. I collapsed in the middle of the shopping center. I pulled my knees up to my head. I decided I need to go home and think this through before I carry on chasing him. Five minutes later I stood up and began to walk home. I thought about things.

So I was five years old and He was seven years old. He got adopted by Bobby and Maura. I was adopted by Jake and Katie. Our old parents names were Claire and Dave. My brothers name was Niall so if that boy is Niall he might be my brother! I picked up the closest phone which was my mobile and I begun to type in the number on the paper. It rung and it rung and it rung and then it picked up.

"Hello" A voice came through the phone and I didn't know what to say so I made the worst mistake of my life and I said....

"I think I might have the wrong number"

"Okay bye" he replied in a calm voice

"NO WAIT" I shouted through the phone

"Woah, oka-"

"What's your name" I say with panic in my voice

"I don't know whats yours" The voice jokes

"WHAT IS YOUR NAME" I was getting cross with him

"Its -...

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