What If?

This is a story about Sophie. She had a brother but she got adopted. Will her brother be living next door or is it just a big mistake. Read to find out, hope you like it xx

P.S. This is Summer Paradise I just changed the title


3. Mystery

I dragged myself up the stairs. Listening to the sounds around me. I flumped down on my bed and grabbed my phone. I was about to text my mum as I heard footsteps and then saw Mia had her head around my door. I turned off the music. I put my head in my hands and cried. I was going to tell her what happened but she had read my mind.

"I heard everything Sophie, you can't hide it from me"

"B-but it happened 11 years ago. I suppose he would remember because he was seve-"

"WAIT!" I shouted

I had figured it out, it was like a big puzzle. I remember now. I remember everything!


"I was five and my brother was seven. Our dad was abusing my brother. The social worker said we would have to be taken away. Someone wanted me but not my brother. My brother had stolen our dads phone and gave me the number as well as a locket. I got taken away the next day. He waved at the window. Later on I got a message saying he had got adopted by a man and a woman. The man was Bobby."

"Okay" She said

"We had lost contact but I have his number on a piece of paper somewhere. He said he would keep the number until I had found him.

After that I called my mum to ask what my old mums name was. She told me her name was Claire my dads name was Dave and my brothers name was Niall. She gave me the number she had found for me in my papers.

I started the walking to next door. This was the thing that decided my future...

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