What If?

This is a story about Sophie. She had a brother but she got adopted. Will her brother be living next door or is it just a big mistake. Read to find out, hope you like it xx

P.S. This is Summer Paradise I just changed the title


6. His Name

"It's -... Wait a second who are you. You just randomly call me up and ask for my name. If you really wanna know my name is Niall but I don't know why you need to know. Unless you can explain yourself go ahead, if not leave me alone..."
"Y-your..." I trailed off again.
"Speak up darling"
"Your my brother" I practically whispered into the phone, sliding down the wall with shock at the same time.
"What do you m- wait, are y-you Sophie" he sounded scared to find out the answer.
"I guess so, do you want to meet up sometime" I spoke happily down the phone
"Sure, I will come to your house if you would like... Where do you live"
"4 Aven Stre-"
"4 Aven Street, your joking - I live next door to you" he sounded excited now and so was I. I screamed down the phone, I was so happy.

I flicked the switch on the kettle and took out two mugs. I made tea for both of us and we sat down.
"We have so much to catch up on, I am not joking you. So much has happened in my life and I'm sure it is the same situation for you. Your just like I remember you, my special little angel... " He said with a smile
"What do you do then" I asked genuinely interested in finding out more about my long lost brother.
"I'm a singer/songwriter. I am in a band with four other guys, they have amazing talent" "You should come and see us one day.."
"Your not One Direction are you" I questioned, if he was this was going to be awkward.

"Yeah, it's loads of fun, come tomorrow, bring a friend, I'm sure you will love it"

We carried on chatting for ages, we asked each other questions and talked about our lives and what has happened in the time I got taken away. Soon enough, it seemed like we had know each other for our whole lives. I knew him inside out an he knew me inside out. He was an amazing chap and I have to say I am so glad I didn't chicken out and I am glad I met my brother...
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