Beauty's only skin deep

"YOU ABSOLUTE SLUT!!!!" she screamed. Thats when i felt the sharp pang of pain stabbing at my cheek like a thousand daggers, my hand flew to my face in a flash. She had slapped me! "What the hell was that for?!" I shouted back. She glared at me and threatningly growled "you know what you did" before storming off, leaving a waft of her sickenly strong perfume with her. But the truth was, I knew very well what I had done and I wasn't proud at all. That was the summer everything changed and this, is what i remember.


3. The note

My, or should I say our, first lesson was maths. I found that in the space of a few minutes, I has become we. Even in that amount of short space of time, Kiera and Melrose seemed have latched onto me and I had become their new best friend. It's strange because I thought this was what I had always wanted, to be in with the popular crowd and friends with the one and and only Kiera Brooke-nevermind friends with Melrose Adams too! But now I'm not so sure... It feels like my whole week has already been planned out in 2 minutes-and it wasn't even planned by me!

I sat in my usual seat for maths which was right at the front-I like to be able to focus on the teacher and not be distracted so I don't miss the important bits in a lesson. But today Kiera had different ideas,

"Err, what are you sitting right at the front for?" She scoffed at me.

"This is my seat, why whats wrong with it?" I replied.

"Thats where the nerds sit, honey! Are you mad? You don't want to sit there, trust me, come sit with us at the back!" She grinned and melrose nodded a little too eagerly. I checked out the back of the classroom, it was where all the 'in crowd' sat, 'Oh my god! I'm not sitting there! Look at all those idiots flicking paper around and texting, how on earth am I going to be able to concentrate?!' Then I realised Kiera and Melrose were still staring at me waiting for an answer.

"Well...?" Melrose asked getting impatient. I smiled sweetly at them both.

"Sure, I'd be glad to come sit with you guys at the back!" 'No I would not!' I thought to myself, I'd give anything to sit at the front again but I guess I'm just going to have to fake it 'till I make it. Kiera sashayed her way down to the back of the class and sat down next to her boyfriend, Jay, who was the most popular boy in school and all the girls thought he was the bee's knee's, oh and did I mention he's also in a super hot band?. I've always had a secret crush on him since forever.

"Hey Kie-" Was all he managed to say before Kiera practically threw herself onto him and they began trying to eat each others faces. Very classy- not. Melrose and I sat down on the table next to Kiera's awkwardly but then luckily the teacher Mrs Brencook, who also happens to be my favourite teacher, walked in and instructed Jay and Kiera to 'Stop that kind of tomfoolery right now!'.

About half way through the lesson I felt something hit the back of my head. 'Oh please don't let it be this again! Didn't I go through enough of this last year when I got bullied? Not again!' I spun around to see Chris, the class clown who was also to be honest, quite a looker but really annoying! He was smiling ridiculously at me and pointing the screwed up piece of paper he had thrown at my head which was now lying on the floor. I sighed, picked it up and opened it. Inside it read;

Hey Faye,

So recently I've noticed you've changed A LOT since last year! And I was thinking...

Maybe we could go out some time,

How about I pick you up at seven tomorrow and we go see a movie?


Chris xoxo

I felt prying eyes over my shoulder from Melrose who nudged me and winked. I figured she'd read the note. Then before I had time to throw his stupid note back to him, Melrose snatched the note out of my hand, still smiling and scrawled something I didn't have time to read onto the back of the paper and threw it back to Chris. Damn! Why didnt I see that coming? I knew Melrose loved to do stuff like that to people! It's only been half an hour and I'm already beginning to hate my new "best friends"...

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