Beauty's only skin deep

"YOU ABSOLUTE SLUT!!!!" she screamed. Thats when i felt the sharp pang of pain stabbing at my cheek like a thousand daggers, my hand flew to my face in a flash. She had slapped me! "What the hell was that for?!" I shouted back. She glared at me and threatningly growled "you know what you did" before storming off, leaving a waft of her sickenly strong perfume with her. But the truth was, I knew very well what I had done and I wasn't proud at all. That was the summer everything changed and this, is what i remember.


2. "A new me"

 BEEP BEEP, BEEP BEEP! The sound of my alarm filled my ears and nagged at me to get up from my bed. But, of course today I wasn't going to dread going to school, I was going to walk straight in front of all those bullies with my head held high. I brushed my silky hair and applied my make up according to how the beautician showed me to do it. I applied a coat of foundation, touch of powder to set it in place, neautral eyeshadow blended to create that smoky eye look and a thick layer of black mascara. I slipped on my uniform and altered it to look somewhat sloppy. The old me would have hated this look and despised the messiness of it, however the new me thought it looked cool and after all, thats how all the kids at school wore their uniform! My skirt was rolled up to 3 inches at most, shirt untucked and top button undone. My tie was loosely hung around my neck with a huge knot and no crest showing. I was almost certain I would get into trouble and have an after school detention for my uniform and makeup but, hey, who cares thats what the 'populars' do and from now on I've decided to be just like them. I pouted at myself in the mirror and dabbed on some lipgloss, fluffed up my hair and good to go! My stomach gurgled loudly telling me I was hungry. I sighed 'Ugh not now! You can't eat yet, Faye. You just spent all those hours losing weight and your not going to eat breakfast and get fat again!' I told myself. I took a deep breath and strode out of my house to school, with a quick "bye!" to mum as i left.


As I approached the school gates I suddenly felt sick with nerves and began to shake. I have always had really bad stage fright and when i used to get nervous on stage I would always shake uncontrollably, I know stage fright isn't really the same situation as this but I was still nervous-and trembling. I pushed all my negative thoughts to the back of my mind and walked on through the gates trying my best to look confident and proud.

"HEY NEW KID!" I heard someone shout. A few people wolf whistled as I strutted to the 'populars group'. I tapped Kiera Brooke, the leader of the posse, on her shoulder. She spun round to face me,

"Ew look guys its a new kid!" She announced, shrugging my hand off her shoulder

"E..Excuse me? Its me, Faye! Faye Harrington" I insisted. By now the whole group was staring, open-mouthed, gawping at me in disbelief. I think I heard Kiera's jaw hit the ground.

"Woah... What happenned to you?" Melrose Adams, Kiera's sidekick and best friend pushed her way to the front of the crowd.

"I... I err... Got a makeover" I replied. There were several whispers of 'Gosh!' and 'Oh my god!' escaping from peoples lips. Melrose blinked in awe but then rushed up to hug me, like she'd known me for years and I was her best friend.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed, "I don't have a clue what they did to you but... you.. you look beautiful!" I smiled and hugged her back. The crowd 'oohed' and 'aahhed' but I didnt care. Then I noticed Kiera had been staring at me funny, but when she saw that all the attention and everyones eyes were on me instead of her, she quickly put on a fake smaile and hugged me too.

"I can just see how great friends we're going to be now... Um what was it? Oh yeah, Faye" she purred. They both let go of me but stayed linked arm in arm.

"Ok shows over people! Move aside for our new friend Faye" Kiera called. I glanced at her and she beamed at me, but somehow, I thought she seemed... a bit.... Fake...

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