Broken Toys

Can a childhood occurrence ruin a person's life forever? What can a simple event do to a damage a child's view on life and people? Eight year-old Elizabeth has a normal childhood until those seven days of March 1994 damage her life forever.


11. Epilogue- Seven Years Later


I did forgive Chloe after a while. We spent a long time together after I went back to her because she realised her mistake and realised that the institution actually worsened my mental state. When I was fourteen, she decided that she wanted to officially adopt me. We went through the whole process, searching for birth and death certificates in every corner of the house (the process took around a year to complete), but by the end of it, she was officially my new mother. Chloe helped me to go back to education, and I completed a college course before going off to study veterinary at university. She met my boyfriend and encouraged our relationship. Chloe walked me down the aisle at my wedding and danced with me at the reception. She was an excellent grandmother to my children, and looked after them when they were little so I could get back to work. She helped us to pick out our dog, Juno, who was a crazy rescue dog who'd come from a home very much like my broken one. After a while, I was glad that I had forgiven Chloe because she turned out to be the best parent figure that I knew.



I cradled my new baby against my chest, smiling over at my husband. Her older brother came into the hospital room to come and see her, the wonder clear on his face.

"This is your new sister, Jamie. Come and say hello." I told my son.

Jamie approached our little pink baby cautiously. "What's her name?"

"She's called Melody." Harvey, my husband, told our son.

"Melody." Jamie tried the name out for himself. "I like that."

"She's going to grow up to be a beautiful little girl, with a handsome little boy growing up beside her." I told no one in particular.

"And the best dog!" Jamie cried.

"Yes, of course. Juno will be there with us too." Harvey added.

"I promise to be the best brother ever." Jamie whispered to Melody.

I smiled over at my husband, my life turned out to be great after all.

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